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What Eating Keto Does To Your Cholesterol.

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Jimmy Moore and I review my cholesterol numbers since going low-carb, high-fat and show you how to interpret the results of your blood tests.


Video: What Eating “High-Fat” or “Keto” Does To Your Cholesterol

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  1. Hope you guys are right. After 12 months of lchf i toned up great but blood results of ldl 9.3 shook me up. Hdl was 2.6

  2. if your arteries are clear and your a senior then what ever diet you are on works!

  3. How come you are still so overweight Jimmy ?

  4. In 2011 i had an A1C of 12.1. I refused insulin and was put on Metformin with doubt from the doctor that it would help. In 2016 my A1C was 7.7. But… My cholesterol total was 270. I was put on 20mg of simvistatin. 6 months later My total was 208 and doc upped simvistatin to 40mg. I started keto 3 weeks ago . My BG levels are awesome. I stopped simvistatin two weeks ago because AST level was high. Didn't tell doc yet. in 2016 also my Triglycerides were through the roof. 602. Also my HDL was 45 and LDL is only 19. What is worrysome to me is triglyceralides and a VLDL IS A WHOPPING 120. Will keto and lowered BG help with this? Am I on the right track?

  5. Her triglycerides on a plan base diet where lower than on keto, hahaha. That proves that complex carbs unprocessed are not evil like most keto advocates think. I was also in a plan based nutrition and my numbers where awesome, about the same as in ketosis. I have been doing IF all these time, which is the key.

  6. My triglycerides are 70, hdl 52. Ldl is 187, doctor wants to lower it. I’ve cut out vegetable oils and my ldl did not go down. Now I see that particle size needs tested because of the inaccuracies of getting the ldl number

  7. Great video, but isn't high fat related to prostate cancer?

  8. She knows this guy is huge!!!!!

  9. How long does it take on keto before your blood work changes?

  10. Wow so much great info so interesting thank you

  11. Apples and omega 3’s (fish – Salmon) can lower inflammation and then cholesterol levels should normalize, after the cholesterol is not required to help heal the inflammation within the body.

  12. Been on a keto diet for 5 months, w/ 3 cheat days. I've been doing high volume training to bulk w/ a higher protein % for keto (around 30%) n high calorie.
    Glucose: 100
    Cholesterol: 335
    Triglycerides: 139
    HDL: 61
    LDL: 244.7

    Last year:
    Glucose: 88
    Cholesterol: 185
    Triglycerides: 102
    HDL: 46

    I did eat out a lot the weekend before and had a good bit of nuts with bad oils. might have affected my results.

  13. Wow! A very good learning pod cast. I wonder if my cholesterol was high and if it change after high fat low carb diet. I have chronic hives and currently taking meds and I have severe all year long allergies. My allergiest told me my body was in a severe state of inflammation all the time. My allergiest also says it an incurable skin condition but it can be controlled. I started this keto diet for weight lose and frankly I just want a way of eating that I could lose weigh, get healthy and not be hungry. I found it with keto. My weight lost is slower then most people, having been on so many yo yo diets and I was anorexic/ bulemic my teen years, that I'm pretty sure had messed my body up.

  14. Hi, I used to be diabetic but keto and IF kick me out of diabetes. I take no diabetic medication anymore. I'm more on gaining weight while on keto; I workout (high intensity) what do i eat to gain more muscles? thanks

  15. Great video! Lots of great info here!

  16. Greece and Spain make the best olive oil…

  17. I remember reading somwhere that high blood sugar in the morning could come from mixing animal proteins (e.g.. beacon and eggs for breakfast and/or eating different protein for breakfast, dinner, supper) , dairy and obviously from overdosing on carbs

  18. According to his own ratio her diet made her HDL triglyceride ratio WORSE from 43% to 54%. So this is a self serving ahole. I can say while he spouts off a lot of useful knowledge, for sure, he is selling something. True we know cholesterol is more complex than a total number but when he says "Keto lowers Tri and raises HDLC and lowers small LDLC" it flies in the face of her own data and we actually can't say this at all. Keto will raise your cholesterol is all we can conclude here.

  19. Correlation is not the same as causation.

  20. My tryclicerides have gone up despite being vegetarian keto . What could be causing it?

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