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What I do to lose weight DIET + EXERCISE #saffvlogs | Saffron Sharpe

Hey friends, in this edition of #saffvlogs I’ll be documenting my fitness journey for a week in preparation for my Bali trip. This isn’t very in depth but gives a rough guide to kickstart your fitness routine.

Places I visited:
1. Garage https://garagecircuit.com/
2. Yoga Movement http://www.yogamovement.com/
3. Crucycle http://crucycle.com/
4. Called to the Barre https://www.calledtothebarre.com/


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  1. RIP headphones users 💀😅 4:20

  2. can anybody tell what's the song in this vid? thx!

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  4. can you share your meal recipe pls? thanks!

  5. No wonder you have an amazing body👌

  6. the asian persuasion hahaha 😉

  7. i have a comment , here's my comment .. can i ask you out for a date?

  8. this video was super motivating and your body is absolutely amazing. thank you very much for sharing:) have an amazing day. love alana

  9. Time spent watching your vlog is enjoyable

  10. inspiration 💯🙏🏻

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