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What I Eat To Lose Weight as a Vegan 2018

What I eat to lose weight as a vegan! All my favorite and simple vegan meals at the moment!!!


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If you are doing the challenge happy day 9!! Remember NO STRESS HEHE!
The video that explains the challenge: https://youtu.be/HhzjZusjEV8

Seen on me!
Workout outfit (purple one lol)
is from lulu lemon! (both top and bottoms)

Hand Blender for soup: https://rstyle.me/n/c4eghubhkuf
Soup ingredients
Red Onion
Almond Milk
Vegetable broth
cauliflower rice
seasonings I used:
Pink Salt


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  1. Yo thats pretty smart with the jelly!

  2. Is anyone here looking to like a comment because she wasn't wearing a bra?

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  4. The best way to loose weight is to get your heart broken 💔💔💔💔💔💔

  5. U r just adorable 😋 and I love ur dogs btw
    Great content 👍 the jelly thing so on point… gonna try that when I wake up and all the rest too lol

  6. ew your lunch makes me wanna die but I love this video!

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  8. I eat a bowl of cheerios for breakfast with berries now what will be after that like for lunch should I do my lean shake then fire dinner a salad

  9. Lack of vegetables. Not good!

  10. The spikes of pineapples you pull and it separates. It’s called the pull apart method 0 waste

  11. Yes! I love this! These are my fav videos to watch and to film! Loads of content like this on my channel as well ☺️💚🌱

  12. Yo! drop the kuereg! such a waste machine, so much plastic!! :*(

  13. ugh…… eating meat right now

  14. Omg that soup looks amazing! I’m going to make it tonight!

  15. Thank you for making this video because it is very hard to find vegan things at my dads and I’m the only one in my family that is vegan so it is very hard

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  17. I felt that when said and I oop

  18. Thanks to Dr. Mona Vand, I FOUND YOUR Channel ! I have you on a non-stop loop, I adore your tips, you are adorable !!! Life GOALS !!! ox

  19. So you eat two pieces of bread for breakfast? Or is that just pre-workout and pre-breakfast?

  20. that looked like way too few calories.

  21. It’s so hard to lose weight as a vegan since a lot of the protein is also carbs

  22. New sub! Thank you for the weight loss content. 😊👍

  23. 6:13 impressed that she does tha w her hair down 😂

  24. I just started my journey as a vegan these videos are so helpful!!

  25. i really wanna like avocados but i just canttttttttt

  26. Great recipes! Going to try them

  27. If you want something more jam like with no sugar then the channel Pick Up Limes has a recipe for chia seed jam 🙂

  28. It is not hard for you to poop if you eat bread in Morning,lunch bread? I think if i eat 4pcs bread in whole day that's make me terrible

  29. What?! There is low sodium Tajín?

  30. you are very beautiful, but you would be even more beautiful with your natural hair color.

  31. That a girl season that soup! BOOM!!!!!

  32. My biggest problem is meal prepping. The idea of doing all this work for a snack is just too dreadful

  33. Why do you work out before you eat??

  34. this intro music always reminds me of u

  35. I love your energy and I’ve been watching out for 20 secs and this is my first video I love it

  36. Wow. You are SO inspirational. I love this vid

  37. bell pepper and hummus is the best oh my gosh

  38. Just subscribed. Love the pups, my pets either want to snuggle or play when I workout:) I totally dance when food is good sometimes without even knowing:0 I am a vegetarian and like I cant do paleo. Love you already!!!!

  39. I love that this is not just a video for vegans trying to loose weight but it's easy and cheap normal foods lol, I get so overwhelmed seeing vids where the food prep is like 3 hours long and there's about 250 random odd ingredients. My mouth was watering all the way through this!

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