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What if we're wrong about type 2 diabetes? – Diet Doctor Insights

In “What if we’re wrong about type 2 diabetes” we look at mainstream healthcare messages that say type 2 diabetes is a chronic, progressive disease that can’t be reversed. But is this true? Do people with type 2 diabetes have to suffer for the rest of their lives? Are there ways to reverse this disease?

00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – The conventional dietary advice
02:32 – Understanding the essential problem
04:14 – Reversing type 2 diabetes
05:58 – Real-life patient results
07:17 – A hopeful message to people with type 2 diabetes

Addendum: At 0:52 we state that “doctors refer to federal guidelines set by organizations like the USDA.” In reality, the USDA does not set clinical guidelines. Their recommendations may be used by clinical organizations to inform their ultimate guidelines, but the recommendations of the USDA itself are not clinical guidelines. We understand this can be a confusing differentiation and regret the narrative error.

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  1. Carb carb carbs! My blood sugar was 271 when I was diagnosed. Doctor told me to eat little of everything and take meds. First day, I ate corn and it went higher. I did a research abs went straight keto. 30g of carbs daily, water only and healthy butter etc. no bread and rice. As an African, I ate rice twice a day from childhood to 37yrs. I gave rice up straight and never miss it. I stopped being so hungry. I lost 40 lbs in 5 months without working out. Just eat healthy. Blood sugar after meal is around 90-100. It runs 80-85 through the day. My clothes fit perfectly and look great. My feet started to be swollen when I was diagnosed but everything went away in three months. No more feet hurt etc. fast once a week and eat clean (heathy).

  2. lol When will this low carb herd learn at least basics of human physiology? Funny and sad at the same time.

  3. 👀👀🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👏👏👏

  4. Doctors would eat dirt before admitting they’re wrong.

  5. Refined carbs and sugar …is main cause of type 2 daibaties

  6. Daibaties type 2 is chronic … Because you take medicine and insulin and will remain till you take medicine insulin…..Get out from medicine and insulin …you will be fine ..thanks

  7. There is no "What if" It's a matter of fact that we got mislead by big interests like big food ans big pharma. Big food making us sick and big pharma selling to us their shitty stuff to manage sickness and avoid health if possible. That's it!

  8. I've done lchf keto carnivore for 20 years the time I've been diagnosed type 2, diabetic. My diabetes has still deteriorated. Yes it keeped me ok for about 15 years but eventually diabetes got me good My blood sugars are higher than ever. I have fatty liver now too. I'm going blind. I have sevear nuropathy in my legs. I'm in constant pain. Now I've been told I need insulin which I refuse. I did try it but I put on 9 kg in 10 weeks. low carb hasn't protected me. I know alot of people like me too. I've now had an infection from a surgery I had 8 months ago for the whole time. Meds make me ill and diet is no longer working.

  9. Keeping your blood sugar levels down saves you from dangerous and deadly diabetic complications, but is NOT a cure. It is a treatment. If you were cured, you could eat carbohydrates without raising your blood sugar to dangerously high levels. Healthy people can do this. The Irish lived mostly on potatoes for hundreds of years without diabetes, but they didn't eat much fructose, and so weren't insulin resistant.

  10. Very informative! Thank you!

  11. Instead of low-carb — with no distinction between types of carbohydrates, how about a diet that allows only primitive carbohydrates. By primitive I mean "unrefined" — e.g. whole seeds, fruit, and vegetables? I.e. no processed foods that have sugar added, and nothing made with white flour or white rice. Sugar that comes within the fruit that one eats; starch that comes within the seeds that one chews or even in peasant bread made with roughly ground.whole seeds.

    That kind of diet also tends towards weight loss and avoids bursts of sugar entering the bloodstream. Especially if you make it vegan, because animal products also provide too many rapidly-digested calories in a form too dense to quickly fill one's stomach.

  12. 9 vegans pressed thumbs down

  13. For many people, keto causes heart arrhythmia. So it's not for everyone.

  14. 2013 Ted Talk by. Dr.Peter Attia with the same same title got me started researching T2D and then I found Jason Fung and his videos I stopped my diabetes when I was only "at risk". Thanks to them. I'm the strange guy on my street with the lawn sign that says "A1C is not a steak sauce!" .

  15. I started keto 9 days ago and dropped 14 lbs already. Been doing omad for about four days and feel good doing it.,I wanna try a 48 hour fast starting today.

  16. let me get this straight, diabetes occur because of dairy milk, vegetation with pesticide and fertilizer… dairy product, cokes, fast food etc. They are feeding people with high calcium, more sugar, which is very dangerous to human body, we are the only mammal adult that drink milk. Diabetes and other major sickness occur due to lack of magnesium, 80% of the world population right now is lack of magnesium or deficient in magnesium. This fckin Illuminati people trying to decrease human life span expectancy to 40 years minus (covid 19 = hiv + malaria) (minus 20 years) . As you know magnesium is a very important mineral in our body it is the balancer biochemical reaction in our body it is the opposite of calcium and sugar, it decalsify clogged arteries, kidney stone,.it prevent enlargement of the heart, high blood pressure arrhythmia etc and other major diseases. .. Magnesium increase production of insulin in our body (dont ask me where i find this information, because i get it in deep web. trust me on this). Dont be fooled by commercial/ad capitalist scum, they are trying to kill you slowly. Remember it is doctors job to treat you but not to cure you, the true cure is in our body, in us, and we heal because of our faith.

  17. Wow good news just seen Kirkland tomatoes sauce 15 oz has 3gr when I googled it told me sugar is attractive to our taste how sad how they poison people.I am number 2 diabetic and I follow Dr Fung Dr Eric Berg ketones diet i am feeling great my neuropathy getting much better though I have a glaucoma.Need to focus on sugar carbs at early ages

  18. I lowered my carbs to a ketogenic level for about three years and had lots of improvements. Then about a year ago I went to zero carbs and got even MORE improvement! It is not THAT hard to do.

  19. A low carbohydrate diet is really effective. My HBA1c has been normal 2 years in a row with no medication at all. And I'm no longer overweight.

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