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What is a normal blood sugar level?

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Berestrand Williams, MD FAAP is a board-certified primary care doctor at Mount Sinai Doctors, seeing patients of all ages Monday – Friday in Greenwich Village. Trained in Connecticut and Massachusetts, he is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Internal Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Physicians. After majoring in Biology and graduating with honors at Harvard University, he was awarded his medical degree from the University of Connecticut’s School of Medicine and completed two residencies – one in Internal Medicine at Boston University’s Boston City Hospital and another in Pediatrics at the combined Boston University School of Medicine – Harvard Pediatric Residency Program. Prior to joining Mount Sinai Doctors, he practiced at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center for nine years and then served as Chief of Primary Care at Concentra Urgent Care and Family Medicine Center. He has been nationally recognized, receiving the Surgical Scholars Award in 1987 and the AOL Foundation Grant: Franciscan Children’s Hospital in 2001. He has written several publications, including Al. Cardiovascular Collapse Treated with Hemodiaysis, Journal of Critical Care Medicine, January 1991. Dr. Williams is fluent in Spanish.

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  1. I need to know normal sugar level in blood

  2. hello can any one tell me after eating my suger level is 8.2 mmol what does it mean is it high

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  5. Why was the normal blood sugar level range reduced? What happened to the human race which caused normal blood sugar level to change from 120 to 90? Interesting, our generation is confused.

  6. Normal fasting BG should be 83. Go Vegan

  7. I was diagnosed pre diabetic last year. Here is a useful resource for those of you trying to manage just like me https://diabetessmarts.com/r/cadija

  8. This is a lie to scare you into feeding big pharma which is how this tool makes money. Anything from 80 – 130 is legit. Everyone is different! If you are at 60 in the morning or above 300 , then we have some problems.

  9. 95?!?! I’m not 18 that’s like a low for me holy crap

  10. I need information
    Blood pressure 126
    Before breakfast 97 sugar
    After eating 196 sugar
    Always chest and head pain.

  11. Plasma sugar test if N/R means

  12. Thanks for this information…didn't know the cut off changed.

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  14. Sugar 142 is normal send me

  15. I’ve learned 85-145 is fine even though some people like to stay at 100 which I think is crazy ✌️

  16. How bout 125. Drug cos love u!

  17. The good doctor said 'at risk', not 'pre-diabetic'… so don't jump to conclusions. He is choosing the lower end of the spectrum by saying 95 just to help people deal with the problem of diabetes at a very early stage for their own good!

  18. UMMMMMMM ok so I've been primarily plant based for many years now, today I decided to test my blood sugar (after a 10 hour shit of work in which I didn't eat, also I didn't eat for a couple hours before work so maybe 12 hours fasted), it was 120!!!!! Kinda worried…. I am a little bit overweight, but honestly I feel ok and I am far stronger than most normal people around me, BUT that number is kinda worrisome. I don't really know how to be vegan without carbs…. If I have to eat only nuts and spinach everyday I think I would kill myself, rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes, beans, lentils, are all staples of my diet and they are extremely cheap…

    Meat is super expensive, nuts are kinda expensive, spinach is kinda expensive… I'm maybe 15-20lbs overweight is this because im a little overweight, or is this because of my diet…..

    Sigh I really don't want to give up my foods.

  19. Before eating, it was 5.2/ 94, was it good or bad? Im kinda feel frightened, plz reply me

  20. This guy a real dr? He said 95 loo

  21. My blood sugar is ummmm 😅 203

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  23. Thanks.  BS is (last I checked) 91 BUT, I have neuropathy of my feet!  It's miserable!  Soon I will have my blood sugar tested again with an A1C.  Last tested showed me to be 6.1.  Is there any relief? I am currently taking gabapentin but, it obviously doesn't work. HELP!!


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  27. I'm a 32 year old male and my weight is 155lbs. My blood sugar was at 83 before breakfast and at 86 two hours later. Is that normal for me? I've been on a low sugar diet for some time.

  28. Thanks for this helpful information regarding blood sugar levels.

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