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What is Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)?

Hypotension is just as serious a problem as a very high blood pressure. But what causes low blood pressure and what should you do if you encounter it? Learn more about hypotension here: https://www.ausmed.com/articles/what-is-hypotension/


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  1. My dad's blood pressure was 64/43 not too long before he passed away. R.I.P. daddy

  2. I cut my wrist last year and both got stitched and now I'm experiencing symptoms that is related to low blood pressure and when I got my bp checked the result is 90/50 does losing a high amount of blood can result a low blood pressure?

  3. i remember when i was on holiday and i got up out of the down stairs bedroom very disy and i felt very dyhydrated even tho id had plenty to drink the previous daynight. so it was around 3 am and i got up and went up stiars for a drink and when i opend the fridge i suddenly felt very sick and dissy and fainted onto the sofa i couldnt move and i tried shouting my mum but i couldnt speak and i layed there for about 5 mins beofre i could shout for help. would this be an affect of low blood pressure?

  4. How serious is 80/40?
    Would I be correct in assuming that being excessively cold (ie consistently well beyond what everyone else feels) is a symptom?

  5. i once fainted after riding my bike and banged my head, the ambulance took my blood pressure and i had around 70-50

  6. try not to get hypotension because it's much more worse than it sounds . it sucks dick.

  7. I spent just one month and a half following the suggestions in solving blood pressure level issues “Zοtοsο yuku” (G00GLE it). I am overweight, diabetic person with Stage II Diabetes, and have hypertension. I had to pass a D.O.T. Physical. My blood pressure level went from 155 to the normal level of 136 and my weight was 13 lbs lighter. My everyday blood sugars went from 160`s down to 125 – 130.

  8. You'll are tell people this for more than a score and youll are normal.

  9. Motion: Growth in humans.

  10. Loco motion: growth In plants.

  11. Musle collect blood from system growth.

  12. Blood pressure getting higher growth

  13. Hypertension is movement in the body.

  14. Hyp before and word means high.

  15. Lopo blood pressure is the correct name for hypertension blood pressure.

  16. I read many great reviews on the internet about how exactly Hybetez Remedy (google search it) can assist you cures your hypertension naturally. Has anyone tried using this popular hypertension treatment?

  17. tired/dizzy all the time and I can hear my own heart beating and feel it in my head lol. But my readings are more like high blood pressure. 126/80 is average. One time it was low.

  18. check again your definition about hypotension!

  19. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover what helps high blood pressure try Nevolly Overcome BP Nerd (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got great success with it.

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