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What To Do During Mental Health C&P Exams

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  1. Great piece of information! I have a mental health evaluation in the near future 👍🏾

  2. Should I get a diagnosis for anxiety & depression first from a mental health professional before a c&p exam?

  3. I came here because when I go to a the psychiatrist I’m really nervous that they will say I’ve got symptoms, most importantly I go in and talk about my life work and social life , but after all that they say how is your mental health and I’m stumped because I don’t know how what to say , I get angry because I feel like saying something like if I had problems I would of told you by now , I feel like they think I’m lying, I’ve even been told that they have to ask that question even though it is basically saying you have something to hide and I want to know about it

  4. I had my c and p exam in a closet of the podiatry clinic. He looked at me…..asked me 3 questions……then terminated the exam. I ended up being approved for 100 percent disability. Not all exams are tricks. Just saying.

  5. I am going in for my TBI at the QTC tomorrow. The doctors for headaches and PTSD both said they were recommending me for benefits. I hope I don’t get a bad Dr.

  6. Hey guys can you video your CP exam make sure the examiner isn't trying to pull something.?

  7. Can please do a video on smc T please

  8. First mistake is you can't diagnose yourself. You go in there if your sick you're sick tell all the stuff that's going on. It's up to them to say what you have.

  9. Had my C&P exam for PTSD increase. Lasted about 20 mins. Examiner did not give me any paperwork to complete. She just said she was going to write up and send it forward. Should I be worried??? I'm nervous.

  10. VES c&p Dr made me answer 300+ questions, many just worded differently. They try to get you there too.

  11. I had one C & P shrink that yelled at me when I described to her my symptons .

  12. 98% of the C&P exams I've been to on and off for 20 years have been negative experiences. Most examiners were not qualified and not Veterans. They misunderstood it is NOT social security disability. Big difference.

  13. This is a very big deal… And very good advice….

  14. I really appreciate the information. My question is, what the hell does showing me pictures have to do with anything. I have a C&P exam next week, and this person breaks out some pictures like I'm there for a damn art show, I'll be pissed. Thank you for the information as always.

  15. Thank you both for taking the time to help us out. I have a VA appointment tomorrow and I’ve been sweating it for the past two months now. Your videos definitely help me feel more at ease about going through the process. Thanks so much

  16. You guys are amazing. We are blessed you both are willing to share

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