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What To Eat Before A Run | Pre Running Nutrition Tips

Choosing what to eat before a run and when to eat before a run, is something that troubles many runners out there! It’s a question that many of us are still trying to answer, so Heather is here to help go through all your nutrition options before you go running!

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  1. What do you eat before going for a run? Let us know!

  2. Great video. I do partial fasting, so never eat before lunchtime, always running on an empty stomach. Do you suggest that I should eat something before I run? – I run 25kms/week. (4×4) (1×9) 😁

  3. I have started training again after many years, I follow your channel, good advises, thank you.

  4. Banana and a glass of milk. Milk is cool cause it also hydrates you.

  5. Hi is frosties good food to eat before long run or race?. Thanks

  6. Maybe whats about a video with most prefered recipes from GTN described in it? Like the question before from @TezAllez but maybe the rices waffles added from GCN? Or a GTN Cookbook?

    Personally I only use a shake before run or swim if needed. Otherwise I eat regularly three times about the day and usually do not need any extra before training.

  7. I don’t eat anything. This forces the body to burn its own fat for energy. I consume my carbs the night before.

  8. My fav snack about 90 mins before a workout is a banana, spread with peanut butter, drizzled with honey and wrapped in a whole grain tortilla. Heaven!

  9. Don't know how any one eats and works out. May not be working hard enough.

  10. I only eat raw meat eggs and milk. No need for pre run carbs.

  11. Currently training for Manchester Marathon. Before my early morning easy runs (6am), which are approx 6-8 miles, I would have half a banana and some water. I may have a full banana and some water before my early midweek session too. Before my long runs on Sundays – as well as being well-fed the day before – I would have a pot of yoghurt, a banana and water and also bring a gel depending on the mileage.

    After a long run, I like to whip up a nice big omelette with spinach and cheese.
    I should say that 90% of my runs are done in the wee small hours of the morning, mainly because I like to get it done so the rest of the day is free. It also has a downside though when you're trying to prepare food while also trying not to wake the house up!

  12. What about just having a gel before you head out?

  13. What to eat before a run? Not much. Maybe a cup of coffee, half banana, and/or some aminos dissolved in watered down Pedialyte? Those bars look delicious!

  14. I can only handle a LIGHT snack no less than 4 hrs before VIGOROUS activities. Yes, I exercise mostly on an empty stomach or I will just throw up. 🙂

  15. Depends on how fast I’m running 8min miles i can eat a lot. 6-7 minute miles better be a few hours


    And a protein bar about a 2 hours before my weekend morning runs.

  17. No food for me less than 60min before a run. Possibly one cup of porridge with berries or nuts, bread, or an oat bar.

  18. Cant run after eating, gotta wait 2 hours. I just get the cramps , side pain? idk the word 😛 I run well on oatmeal

  19. Or a bowl Grapes n berries

  20. What I do from time to time is 'guts training'. Which means going for a short but intense workout with your tummy full. You feel like crap, especially when you are new to this idea, but forcing your guts to work with the blood having gone to your muscles, and the whole body shaking (running) results in better functioning during the race. This is especially important in all kinds of ultra events, whrere due to long duration it is almost impossible to go trhorugh them fuelling only with gels. End where you need to est something more 'palpable' and perhaps not sweet.

  21. 45 mins before i run, i ate banana or sweet potato!

  22. Peanut butter and banana on toast 2 hours before and strictly no coffee within that time, I can't even tolerate caffeine in gels so I know I'm more on the sensitive side. I've found banana really good for preventing any stitch too 🙂

  23. I follow a ketogenic/low carb approach to endurance sports. So i do all my sessions in a fasted state without bonking.

  24. Would love a how-to video for the granola bars! Oh and the homemade granola….or anything really =)

  25. Lol due to heartburn and indigestion I need 4 hours after a small meal and at least 5 after a big one. It’s hard to imagine someone eating 15-20 mins before a run unless it’s a gel or similar.

  26. Good advice…Your lucky if you can eat anything…I cant have gluten and it's a real pain…

  27. Everyone talks about fasted cardio somehow burning more fat bla bla bla…for me, the best thing about running before breakfast is the reduction in GI issues when you head out. Otherwise I need about two hours.

  28. What's the recipe for the homemade energy bars? That looked yummy!!!

  29. Porridge with water & some peanut butter works well for me ideally about a 60 mins before then a banana 15 mins before i leave the door or some Huel 2 hrs before.

  30. Sorry the title is misleading, we should have added Nutrition tips for carbs addict

  31. google difference between jam and jelly.

  32. Undeliverable BS I am a carnivore and have not problem with energy , eating carbs and drinlinking sports drinks is the last thing you need

  33. Are you cold, Heather? 🙂 hehehe

  34. Before i go to run, in the morning i eat a big meal of break fast and after a couple of our 1 banana with honey

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