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What You’re Really Eating! 6 Worst Food Chemicals: Health, Safety, Nutrition, Detox Tips

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What You’re Really Eating! 6 Worst Food Chemicals: Health, Safety, Nutrition, Detox Tips

Find out the 6 WORST food chemicals you probably eat everyday, which foods contain them and how to avoid them! These tips will help you get health, lose weight, detox, etc. Get rid of the junk food and go for the health food. Great diet tips from Corrina Rachel.

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  1. Want more? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100's of videos not on youtube: http://www.psychetruth.vhx.tv

  2. this video quality is crispier than my edges

  3. This got me a A+ on my test

  4. Had to just stop watching when u claimed tachycardia is twitching. Tachycardia is a heart rate above 100 bpm. If u are not in healthcare do not try to inform people.

  5. These things are not food, they are poisons!

  6. America should have a certified holistic coach at every high school across the land. The pay off would be huge !

  7. It really seems there are two food classes. Food for the rich, natural foods with out chemicals which tend to be very expensive, and chemical fake foods including gmo which are all sold at all your normal supermarkets to feed the masses cheaply.

  8. What about the radiation you're getting from your phone?

  9. I work in a food flavoring chemical plant and colors get everywhere no matter what you do so annoying to work with. We got and use all kinds of fun stuff you have no idea and its in everything you eat under nat and artificial flavs. Ever smell a cup of acetic acid? Or ethyl butyrate? Lmao its in EVERYTHING.

  10. Its the same for sin sin gives short pleasure but Jesus gives Holiness and eternal life.repent

  11. Aspertame
    Food colour dyes
    Artificial sweeteners

  12. Yes, there is, and YOGA is NOT one of them!

  13. I'm so glad I live in Europe, where a lot of these ingredients can only be used when a warning label is visible on the product. Or they are banned altogether. Products will mention when it's free of chemicals, because people will be more likely to purchase it.

  14. next time you should also put the list in the description for people who don't have time to watch the whole video.

  15. moral of story is read the label and find out how food industry is poisoning us in the sake of greed

  16. Omg i never knew this so ima keep watching thede videos to learn what are good to eat

  17. Lots of MYTHS she is posting. Lots of what she is talking about was published by now discredited people. The first one she talks about is complete bull, she does the classic "it was developed for this, so its bad for us" thing that people who latch on to media reports do. First, the FDA reports was in DIRECT response to a "news" article about it being bad, so naturally everyone called in to complain because they assumed whatever health issues they have had is because of that. When it fact it was NOT.

    The 1st "point" she makes about the other sugars is also false, they don't make you crave more foods, they are simply ways for manufacturers to reduce the cost of using real sugar which lowers price. The ONLY main difference between them is that they can use less of the artificial ones to make things sweet. For example if it takes 50grams of sugar normally, they could use 20 grams of artificial one. That's it folks. The "symptoms" she described are so vague that you can't even claim that its related to that. lol

    The 2nd point about Dyes in food is also funny, she likes to use the word petroleum like its a bad word. In fact, its in EVERYTHING, not just food. The very clothes she is wearing, the makeup, etc. You can't make blanket statements like "its not something i want in my diet" when you don't even understand it. You are simply posting fear mongering based on discredited news articles.

    Stop with the "adverse effects commonly associated with". You can put stuff on anything you eat. Even Healthy stuff can have adverse effects on people. Simply saying someone can get a headache is not only completely bonkers when headaches themselves can be caused by thousands of things.

    When you said "lets talk about MSG". I actually said outloud "oh my god she can't be serious!". You do know that MSG is complete %100 safe, and is in FACT as early a few months ago proven again that its fine. The ONLY reason it got demonized is…you guessed it..ONE news article saying how bad it was. Which was discredited a decade ago.

    Jesus i can't even get past the MSG part. I'm going to report this to youtube, hopefully it will remove it for some violation promoting false health claims.

  18. I want that app on my phone. gonna download it

  19. Hmm, some of the information offered here is spurious. OH, wait, no it's all true.

  20. In your research, did you find anything about Mambo no. 5?

  21. Is lactose free milk safe to drink? Does it have chemicals? I get the H-E-B Brand. Thank you.

  22. eating so much junk, still alive

  23. Great video! I noticed an error though… You said tachycardia is twitching… That is not correct. Tachycardia is a heart issue.

  24. screw my health if it's good I'm eating it all!!..also I was wondering about herbal teas I was wanting to get into it but I heard most of them are pretty strong and you have to get a taste for it overtime..are there any that I could start out with that arnt so strong and go with that for awhile?

  25. I have a similar app that is present in the Dutch App Store I looked for the app you mentioned but when following the link it says that it isn't present in the store perhaps one day 😉

  26. I've been subbed to this channel for a year or so and it is very informative, I learn something new every time.

  27. so what happened to this food after the video hmmmmm?

  28. Hi! I recently tried to download the app on the App Store but it did not come up… how do I get it?

  29. I am glad I live in Australia

  30. Hi!! I love you videos BTW! Would you be able to find out if the app (or version of the app) will be made available in Australia!? thanks! x

  31. you are such a great teacher! I need to get artificial colors out of my children's diets.

  32. thanks for suggesting the app and great video

  33. The Eat What app isn't available in my country. 😯

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