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What’s so funny about mental illness? | Ruby Wax

Diseases of the body garner sympathy, says comedian Ruby Wax — except those of the brain. Why is that? With dazzling energy and humor, Wax, diagnosed a decade ago with clinical depression, urges us to put an end to the stigma of mental illness.

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  1. Inspiring…yes while we r at it…Lets stop the STIGMA

  2. Ruby Wax🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌

  3. Just believe yourselve, you are not funny

  4. You have no mental illness, get off with your sick fingers and don't Touch anything. You Make a desease!

  5. You have sick fingers, how to let you crawl and say to you don't Touch me

  6. This was so amazing! What a funny, beautiful, bright soul! Made me smile :). We're definitly not equipped for the 21st century, too right ahhh

  7. Seriously….I mean really ….first time ive ever applauded a you video…well done Ruby.

  8. I love you. Unfortunately, for some people when they have physical illness, apparently it's not a big enough issue to cure or even medically acknowledge it either. They're just claimed neurotic or a hypochondriac because that label gives them super powers making it impossible for them to contract anything.

  9. God bless her. Laughing = learning. I feel this video can help other people finally understand depression.

  10. I have bipolar disorder, this video is very helpful. Thank you.

  11. Mental health in the United States is a giant fraud and often criminal and there is no accountability.

  12. I hear this 1 in 4 people quote made by many speakers but it's total bullshit the way they explain it. It is 1 in 4 people will propably have a mental illness problems during their lifetime but its not like 1 in 4 people at the current time got a mental illness.

  13. I love this woman. Shes adorable and intelligent

  14. When she talks about "the voices" is she talking about different voices or our own internal voice? The one that re-runs the shameful, embarrassing, cringe worthy occurrences we all have done throughout our lives?

  15. She misused the word “psychotic” in place of something more like sociopathy, the psychotic illnesses are more varied and important than she touches on

  16. Funy, funny, informative, authentic.

  17. > I'm not being carpet-bombed

    That's perfectly describe how I feel. Like I am pretending poor

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