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What's the difference between anxiety and depression?

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1. If someone has panic attacks, does that mean they have an anxiety disorder? Also, if someone has an anxiety disorder, does that mean that they experience panic attacks? Do the two go hand in hand?
2. #katifaq Who determines whether someone has suffered emotional abuse? Is it fair for a person to say that their parents emotionally abused them as a child, or would they need to see a therapist and have them confirm that?
3. What are the biggest differences between Depression and Anxiety? And how can you tell of the severity of the depression if the client has tendencies to hide what they are feeling under a mask? Thanks KatiJournal Topic: Thanks Anonymous!
Journal Topic? “Very few things matter and nothing matters very much.” F. Scott Fitzgerald
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  1. Are you an actual therapist, or are you just a therapy journalist?

  2. You're a therapist, but you use the expression, "all over the place like a crazy person!" 😂

  3. I have depression and anxiety and I'm just 11 old

  4. Fan you do anxiety and depression that are diagnosed at the same time? I have seasonal depression with anxiety and ADHD doesnt help either

  5. Is having Depression and Anxiety at the same time possible?

  6. But I don't really have much anxiety at all but I do have panic attacks. I'm one of the least anxious people I know in a lot of situations. And the panic attacks when I first got them were debilitating but now since my first episode was over a year ago they're not debilitating at all and I do get anxiety over the panic attack but once I've gone long enough without I have no anxiety at all to where my level of lack of anxiety is actually a bit dangerous. I think the textbook is wrong there in saying panic attacks always occupancy an anxiety disorder, sure most of the time they do, but it can't always be the case of I have panic attacks but no anxiety disorder.

  7. Sorry Guys but would you never trust a 'therapist' who sells merch on YT? That's so sick… and she her eyes she seems very unstable, keeping loads of anger in herself…

  8. can someone help me out? I’m on the anxiety side, does this sound like anxiety to anyone reading this?
    i feel like i come off as a cold person, no matter how hard i try it’s hard for me to be seen as friendly and warm and charismatic.
    i stutter whenever speaking to people my age or even older than me, every time i meet someone new they never get close to me, as if it’s almost impossible to become friends with me, my tone of voice is COMPLETELY different when speaking to anyone other than my parents, is this an anxiety thing? shyness? or and personality disorder? someone help

  9. "Don't sweat the small stuff… And it's all small stuff" is a great book by Richard Carlson

  10. It’s sad that mental health is not talked about enough to the extent where people don’t know what some of the most common issues are 🙁

  11. I have a question: can you be feeling better and still have thoughts of suicide. I am starting to feel better than a week ago? Thanks! #katifaq

  12. i have both ,lol the 500 years, i have woken from sleep with that one. OMG the ketamine ads,, that stuff shiver made things soo much worse & they were using it as an anesthesia on me.

  13. Something happened recently that never happened to me: feeling like nothing was worth it, that whatever I did, nothing was going to change; that what I thought of the meaning of the world was real and that all the people around me who were seeing it with a better face, were wrong. Every time I thought of something good trying to make sense of going to school, to enjoy a movie or to feel good in the day in general, this thought came to me saying "what for?". I felt like that for two or three days and it was awful, I thought I was never going to feel ok again, I thought I had depression. It wasn't common for me because I have anxiety and I'm always wanting to try and find a sense of all and this feeling was much different. I still had that in my mind, but I gathered strength to make it disappear.

  14. Very interesting, I went to the hospital a couple of years ago and was diagnosed with a panic attack. Which was also not the case. I have fibromyalgia and was having an side effect from a medicine. The first thing I was asked when I first arrived at the ER was and I quote “would you like to visit our mental health facility”. Yes I was highly ticked off and offended. I hadn’t even seen anyone yet.

  15. I never stay long in the middle part. I go from anxiety to depression really quickly.

  16. since i was in second grade, i have had severe panic attacks about very insignificant or far-fetched things that most people wouldn't even think to worry about.

  17. i saw on the internet some time ago that simply described each one. when you're with anxiety, evERYTHING is happening while when you're having a depressive episode nothing happens, your mind just stops being worried.

  18. What if I'm not scared of death rather looking forward to it because of how things are going? Although with my medication I'm not suicidal anymore

  19. that's crazy, loads of people who aren't generally anxious get panic attacks in extreme or phobic situations, that's an anxiety disorder?

  20. Anxiety involves paranoia that leads to the worst symptoms ever. I get random symptoms all the time and it feels like I’m having a heart attack. Stuff like not getting a full 10 hours of sleep will make me have severe anxiety the whole day.

  21. Is it possible to feel both

  22. Don’t normal ppl have panic attacks sometimes in there life when you don’t have an anxiety disorder?

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