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When should you take your blood pressure medicine?

Luke Laffin, MD, is a preventive cardiologist and Medical Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation in the Section of Preventive Cardiology, who specializes in difficult to treat blood pressure. Dr. Laffin addresses the question: When is the best time to take blood pressure medications?


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  1. I take my BP medicine once in a 15 days.that is at the night before sleeping. I have been doing this for 8 years. No problem .

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  3. Blood pressure drops when you are sleeping or laying down in a dark quiet room. I would advise against taking them at night.

  4. Good information, Luke. Thank you. I have the Hygia Chronotherapy Trial paper; it is interesting—especially with 19,000+ participants. So how would you like to see the study replicated? Perhaps add a placebo group? Maybe a group on a single BP med? Your thoughts? I think researching resistant hypertension would be fascinating!

  5. My blood pressure med give me a dry cough

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  8. Should I stop taking it if my pressure is low

  9. Should you take the medication even if it’s normal/not high? Example a family member has to take it three times a day every day. But what if it’s actually normal or low.. should they still take, wouldn’t it be dangerous if it’s too low?

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  13. So other than waking up at night to use the bathroom, the better time is at night

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