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Why are Anxiety and Depression Connected? | Kati Morton

Every Tuesday & Friday I post a journal prompt to help keep you motivated and working on yourself!
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PRE-ORDER MY BOOK NOW! http://bit.ly/2s0mULyBy simply watching my diagnosis videos about depression and anxiety you could easily think that they are very different. A depressed person doesn’t like doing anything they used to, feels hopeless and sad, and has changes in their diet and sleep patterns. A person with anxiety on the other hand can feel like they are living in a state of extreme agitation, being on edge most of the day and worrying about anything and everything happening in their life. These 2 mental illnesses seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, not related to one another at all. However, statistically speaking the most common form of depression is what we call agitated depression. Many people also share how they will be tired all day, feeling low and completely unmotivated, but then at night they can’t sleep because their mind keeps humming with worry about what they did or didn’t do that day. I even had a patient who struggled to stop her mind from running through each and every conversation she had had that day and how she could have been better, more understanding or less awkward.
Now it’s not only the agitated depression that connects anxiety and depression, research shows that this link has more to do with how those with depression and anxiety manage stress. Whenever we are bombarded with stress in our life those with anxiety and depression tend to deal with it through avoidance. Meaning when stress comes our way and we are pushed into our fight-flight-or freeze response, we choose flight.
So you can see that with anxiety your obsessions about failure are fear-laden, whereas with depression your ruminations reflect intense discouragement, to the point of hopelessness or despair. But in both cases you’re feeling overwhelmed because of a lack of self-confidence. And that’s the real issue behind feeling overwhelmed, which in turn leads us to either anxiety, depression–or a veritable combination of these two painful emotions.
Furthermore, much of the symptoms of depression and anxiety really do overlap. Here are just some of the symptoms you will see in both diagnosis: sleep disturbance, tearfulness, worry, loss of appetite, loss of sex drive, lack of motivation, body aches, and difficulty concentrating just to name a few. So it is easy to see why many of us find ourselves toggling back from forth from depression to anxiety and often experience both at the same time! Or possibly being diagnosed with one when we really only have the other! But like anything I talk about, I always like to end with what we can do to better manage the symptoms! So let’s get into that!
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2. Talk therapy
3. Medication
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  1. Thank you, big thank you 💜

  2. Hell, I go through conversations I had at 6 years old and I think "Why did I say that?" Let go you stupid brain. Move on.

  3. I am dealing with both anxiety and depression. I have three kids and I’m only 30, but I am so sleepy and extremely forgetful and I get agitated quite easily. I know I need to see a doctor, but I don’t need a doctor to only spend 5 minutes with me and then write me a script and send me on my way. I work a full time job and more on the weekends I’m off. My brain seems a bit broken.

  4. For the people that are depressed or anxiety . PLEASE try the WIM HOF Breating technique…. NO SUGAR OR BOOZE .. COLD SHOWERS EVERY MORNING OUT OF BED …. no junk food.. MEDITATION…. EXERCISE !!!!!! yoga !!!!!!

  5. Wow. You hit the nail on the head for me!! I suffer with GAD. Thank you!

  6. 2:01 Sounds like Pure O ocd except she would have run through all the conversations 100 times a day.

  7. I have OCD – a looot of my depression comes from that directly or indirectly (depressed cause of my whole state from ocd) Also substance or behavioral addiction can cause depression directly.

  8. Muscle stiffness and weakness, cramps, pain, numbness, feeling paralysed, tinnitus etc. somatic anxiety symptoms as well. Anxiety/depression is like a cycle gap, they belong together IME. Thank you very much for the video, Kati. 😘

  9. A big problem in my life is that I will want to do something in the morning for no reason so instead of setting an alarm I will just not be able to sleep because I will be so worried I won't get up to do this pointless thing so I will not be able to actually do the important things in the next day so I will feel tired but I will want to do something pointless the next day and it will just repeat and my eyes will hurt and my gad will just get worse

  10. The diagnosis i got is ADHD and generalized anxiety disorder and secondary depression where the depression is caused by the other two. And it can honestly be a pain because its just so exhausting and people usely don't get the fact that after things like school i don't function i can't do anything but lay on my bed and feel hollow when before i was "fine" and that when im that tired i seriously can't handel other living things that want attention you'll just give me a panic attack though quite honestly even on a good day you could rob me by saying that if i don't give you money you'll make me hold a cat

  11. Its interesting cuz they seem to be polar opposite, feeling everything & feeling nothing, but there tied together like an on & off switch is, opposites but one thing. Ive never heard it this way, but it looks like depression is a problem with healthy self connection & anxiety is a problem with having a healthy connection to others. (Ive noticed a connection between people with low empathy & depression, with no anxiety, and selfless people£, low on self love, with high empathy, suffer from anxiety. Most people seem to deal with both. What do you guys think?

  12. Iam literally struggling……I not understanding what's exactly happening…..everyday I have headaches,blank feeling,heavy head,jaw pain,and bad moods….I can't even explain my parents about my feeling…..I rarely smile….just don't feel like smiling.i overthink about each and everything.

  13. Google carnivore diet..And give it a try…

  14. To me shame fuels both my depression and anxiety, shame about my social anxiety, body, career, executive functioning, and traumatic past.

  15. I’m fairly certain I’m not okay

  16. Because they happen in the same part if the brain

  17. I've never heard of "bridge thoughts" before now and as soon as you explained it, I felt like I could try that! Thank you!

    I've been on medication for some time now, and it's not doing much for me at all. I despise talk therapy because unable to give the therapist anything to work with, seeing that I have amnesia.

  18. That anxiety/avoidance/depression cycle is all too real. I've wracked up a lifetime of missed opportunities due to my own fear of being looked at, evaluated, judged, criticized, ridiculed, god only knows what. That causes me to feel small, worthless, ashamed and pathetic, as though I've failed to become a person able to stand on their own two feet in this world.

  19. Depression = Past problems
    Anxiety = Future worries/ problems

  20. Hi Kati! You're so pretty. Thank you for your uploads, they've been very helpful. I've dealt with both for the longest time. I always thought that something was wrong with me. You're truly amazing with your words! How can I sign up so you can be my therapist? ❤❤❤❤

  21. Kati I don’t know how to get help I’m in a dark hole I need someone like you but my insurance won’t cover it for me and I try paying out of pocket but I can’t find someone I can relate to so I can gladly pay them I don’t whanna go somewhere and pay 150 a hour and not feel eny better nor get help

  22. Sometimes I just want a hug, a back rub told it’s going to be ok. I just want something to listen free of judgement.

    It’s so overwhelming cause I feel like always doing that for others. It’s too hard for me to find someone who can do that for me.

    I’m constantly worrying and it turns into depression. When I’m hungry it gets worse….

    Food feels like a drug.

  23. This is totally me. Mostly because of work. My managers are wearing me out with their inconsistentices and how I feel like I'm not good enough because they want me to do more than most colleagues who won't work as hard. My stress has gotten so bad my face is beginning to break out and I'm in my mid 30s and haven't experienced this since my early 20s and college. And lastly trying to impress my one of my bosses that a good worker but also personal wise I have a crush. So I need to speak to someone at this point.

  24. This is great information. I love it!

  25. Whenever it threatens me I keep trying to think positive. I’ve learned that no matter what’s making you stressed and depressed there’s always a bright side to it. Trouble is I can’t last a week without it 😖

  26. OMG, these videos are AMAZING! Thank you so much for posting these.

  27. I love your "WEL-come"!

  28. You’re so awesome! I was just diagnosed with both 😬

  29. I’m starting therapy again 🥺

  30. Depression never lets me forget that something is wrong. What state of mind could be more fertile an environment for fostering anxiety? Something is always wrong with me=it's always a ripe time for another anxious freak-out. ~Paul

  31. #katiFAQ I am diagnosed with Mixed Anxiety and Depressive disorder but can't find enough material on it to actually understand what's happening with me. Since I went to my therapist for my anxiety disturbing my day-to-day activities she's focusing more on working on my anxiety right now but whenever I try to do the homework she gave me, or change my thinking patterns to avoid anxiety, I get depressed. Help!

  32. Can I be depressed when I manage to hide it? At work everyone thinks I am always happy and so think my friends. If I would be really depressed I wouldn't manage to hide it right? But over an year I feel always like I got no energy, I feel worthless and just empty. Sometimes I wish I could just die but I can't burden other people right?

  33. I don't even know whats true about myself anymore

  34. Thank you. Very pratical.

  35. The top of my head feels empty or fried . It's a weird feeling

  36. My depression and anxiety have come to the point where whenever I need to eat/sleep, my body doesn't react as hungry/sleepy as normal but racing and downward spiral thoughts instead. So now whenever I feel like a thousand thoughts racing through my brain, I'll get to check when the last time I eat is, or when the last time I sleep is. Hope this would help..

  37. I get what she is saying but at the end of the day ? It is down to you and you alone to fight your own battle and it is so hard. Done cbt, on medication and workout 7 days a week and still get days where it's just too much. It's a a journey, it's who you are, you can only try and make your day live able. Sometimes a rock myself to sleep and I'm nearly 30 years old, I'm so done with these self help videos. Trust me I've watched and put my heart and soul into trying to make these dark feelings go away but they don't ever fully disappear, they just go on holiday then come back. As long as I'm not so anxious that I wanna die, that's a good sec, minute, hour, day for me and I take it one day at a time. Take my pills and hold on and hope for the best. Peace and love to everyone xxx

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