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Why Do Depression and Anxiety Go Together?

Even though depression and anxiety are different types of disorders, they tend to go together. But why can it happen?

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Can We Distinguish Anxiety From Depression?

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  1. Maybe chronic anxiety leads to learned helplessness, which leads to depression? Speaking from personal experience, I've had terrible, untreated anxiety my whole life, from childhood, and finally developed depression in my teens. In retrospect, it seems like the natural reaction to years of feeling helpless in the face of near-constant threats (perceived or real). When every day feels like a crisis that you can't do anything about, you learn to be helpless, and then you become depressed because you perceive that there's nothing you can do about it.

  2. You're not as smart as you think. 😐

  3. Depression =Past Anxiety =Future

  4. its a really terrible combination

  5. What I don’t get is that I feel I have anxiety disorder but I never had any strong Trauma or bad story, I just felt I got used to be judgy, toxic to myself. Since I don’t have exactly right causes, I feel I am crazy or want attention, be immature… I deny my true bad feeling, I talk about them to my friends and family, but I am the only one not exactly to accept it and move forward and try act on it. I feel so shitty I don’t even try. I’ve got ups and downs so easily and quickly, I am super scared of myself and feel I am not stable in my head

  6. My anxiety is horrible head tingling sometimes i feel cold rushes tingling muscle spasms dont smoke drink i workout i thought i had ms or other medical symptoms nothing

  7. I have autism, and I have both :/

  8. Y’all should look into Dysthymia, too. It’s like a low-grade, less severe but longer lasting form of depression. For years I thought, I’m still relatively functional but I always feel awful and irritable (have anxiety as well) . I just always felt blah and it lasted for years. Then I found out about Dysthymia, and it changed how I approached my mood disorders. Just something that might help someone out there 🙂

  9. Only video I've ever had to play at a slower speed because it was giving me anxiety

  10. I agree that anxiety feels like a flight response, but depression feels a lot more like stop. Makes sense with the words you use to describe them. Why try when there is no hope

  11. I'm one of 6 people on the planet with depression and without anxiety.

  12. Anxiety and depression aren’t real. It’s weakness and being unfit for survival. WAKE UP, AND STAND UP ON YOUR DAMN FEET

  13. Best piece so far. Answered my essay all I want is references thank you appreciate your time.

  14. This world is depressing because of how we treat each other and how the world is

  15. I'm pretty sure it's cyclical. I hate myself because I can't do anything good and I can't do anything good because I hate myself

  16. Anxiety and depression go hand in hand because they are both caused by the same symptom, not enough dopamine. This can occur for many reasons, in Fibromyalgia patients, it has been proven to occur because the dopamine "engines" of the brain shrink thus no longer producing enough dopamine. Since science hasn't learned how to control the production of dopamine or ways to synthesize dopamine, we're at a medical crossroads. Once someone has a breakthrough in the synthetic production of dopamine, we'll have a means of possibly curing the problem.

  17. name a more iconic duo i'll wait

  18. Lexapro is the way to go

  19. Anxiety makes you depressed and depression makes you anxious.

  20. Why do you think being not superstitious relate to depression?

    Why do you think depression relate to anxiety disorders?
    Why do you relate superstitious to normal while choosing not to be superstitious is depressed?
    So if being anxiety disorders is a out worry why does superstitious people being so harsh to make someone who wasn't into superstitious or religion believe into depression just to fit them
    Into anxiety disorders?
    So why would someone who hasn't any imagination of being superstitious and someone that not even worry of death worry about ,if some one is not even worry about future or money why does anyone had to fit in depression or anxiety disorders?

    Does it sound funny if the world is about going vegan and all the sudden everyone had to go deep into depression because they were claimed to be very cruel to animal…and all the none vegan had to fit the consequences of not having faith in your ways?

  21. So whats the solution of it wht out medicine 😅

  22. Suffering from major anxiety is depressing. Suffering from depression makes you very anxious. Of course they go together – chicken and egg – hello?!

  23. can u guys hear a buzzing sound in the video? or is it just my tinnitus anxiety?

  24. Both problems are siblings; anxiety conditions you to care too much and fear the worst, and depression makes you blind to good feelings and hope for a better future. Often enough, medication for one doesn`t combat the other one properly either: so you have anxiety under control, but you become emotionally numb and horribly depressed; or have the depression finally handled, but anxiety comes back with a vengance alongside the ability to feel emotion. It`s suffering from fear, or suffering from feeling nothing. So you take meds for both and end up as a unfeeling uncaring potato, or alternatively, suffering from both just enough to keep yourself capable of basic functionality but ready to slip off the bandwagon to either side at all times.

    I hate it. I hate it a lot. But I don`t hate myself anymore, and I do feel loved and accepted enough by people who have shown me that I am not worthless and that I am worth to be loved to keep on going.

  25. Ooooh so that's why I have both.

  26. I'm not depressed but I do have anxiety

  27. I personally think my depression causes my anxiety but also my anxiety triggers my depression

  28. Considering the type of channel this is it's rather inaccurate to call it the 'fight or flight' response, when it's actually the five f's response; fight, flight, freeze, friend, flop. Fight and flight are just two of the five, and people who have anxiety attacks may not experience either so may not realise they are having an attack.

  29. imagine being depressed of being anxious ☺️

  30. I loved the video and the narrator is a very good speaker

  31. This makes me think of how autism was described to me by an autistic mental health counselor; either an anxious or lethargic response to too many stimuli, depending on internal thresholds that are more easily triggered than in neurotypical people.

    Would love to learn more here on SciShow if possible.

  32. Sleep disturbances, a symptom of anxiety… one that makes anxiety worse.
    Folks, if you haven't had much sleep, my best advice is drink a lot of water.

  33. You did such a good job, with your explanation.

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