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Willow Smith: ‘Willow,' Mental Health and Handling Fame | Apple Music

Willow talks to Ebro Darden about how important mental health is, plus the decision to drop her new self titled album, ‘Willow,’ on the same day as her brother Jaden’s album. Listen to Willow Smith on Apple Music: https://apple.co/-Willow

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  1. shes more woke than her bro


  3. She's cute…and so smart 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  4. She's so articulate exactly like Will

  5. Willow is a different kinda gorgeous

  6. i want her on midnight gospel

  7. You see Willow’s class and intelligence ? Her Father is Will Smith. Nuff said

  8. Subtítulos en español por favor 🥺💚

  9. I don't think Willow realizes how amazing she truly is. But she will.

  10. Willow is extremely intelligent bright pretty talented well. Balanced and articulate you go girl 👸⭐️❤️☝️👍

  11. Can we all appreciate Willow Smith for a second? I mean she has been through being under the spotlight since birth, self harm, and having to hide it cause 'rich kids can't have problems' and came out of it as a transformed and unique artist. She's so brilliant and I can't wait to see what else is in store. ❤❤❤

  12. she's so coool wtf and so well spoken

  13. She is annoyed and actually overchallenged w this Interview its gnarly dude. Interviewer sucks btw.

  14. This is sad. To be privileged from the universe, but be so blind as to not be grateful for it. To believe the universe is aligned with you, but then hate your hair. And what is up with these celebrity kids of color not liking their hair or the way they look? This is a repetitive narrative from these kids….why? Are they really around whites so much that they see no beautiful reflection of themselves? There's something disconnected from the parents that allowed that to happen. The connection with the universe should have enlightened them on that.

  15. Please don’t release the aliens. We doing know them folks. When the aliens come down they usually come to annihilate us. Please, leave the alien keepers alone! 😂

  16. Whenever I see and hear her spirit, she reminds of avatar.

  17. Proud of her growth artistically and personally.

  18. She would be amazing to trip with.

  19. I dont think Ebro knows what privilege means. It isnt just monetary

  20. Hi Willow! Love you hun! <3 X

  21. Beautiful 😇💯👑👁🙏🏾

  22. She needs Jesus it is all devil worshipping, clothed in new age religions and practices like meditation and self God being

  23. Self care is hugely under rated by millennials.

  24. They all lack one thing which is being content.

  25. I respect tf out of this girl. She’s in this world and finding her OWN niche. Not looking to anyone or anything else except within. I’m so proud of this cute little girl. I’m 28 but I remember when she was only like 4 or 5 years old. She was so precious to me and to see her growing and gaining maturity and love for self is such a beautiful thing. I hope she continues to safely explore this world and herself.

  26. lol I don't know why privileged wealthy rich people guard their privilege. its almost like when white people that can't see white privilege. you have to admit it's nice to be able to buy whatever you want, travel whenever you want, own a business, etc. you have to admit that out of 300 million people, only a few have that access. it doesn't mean you dont suffer, money is just not a factor as to why you're suffering.

  27. She is really growing as a young woman.

  28. i have a dream, and that is to meet you Willow

  29. What a meet up family Hollywood has created!

  30. Exaaaactly Willow . love you!

  31. and she's very fortunate to have a mom and dad at home…SHE'S TRULY BLESSED. Rich people need to go and live in the hood for a year, if the can survive.

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