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Wix Rollover Hoverbox Tips from a Wix Website Designer

NOW RELEASED! As of today, Nov. 9, 2017 – it looks like the Hoverbox is now live! WOO HOO! Learn more in my Wix Designer blog:

Here’s more info + how the Wix Hover Box works on mobile:

Wix has finally released a great new tool called the Hoverbox, which is essentially a super customizable rollover button. Here I show you how to add a Hoverbox, and how to add elements/animation/video to the regular or hover’ed instance.

Note: the Wix Hoverbox is still in Beta mode, so it is not yet available to all Wix editors, but Wix hopes to release it soon! (Maybe in July 2017?)

Also, in the meantime until the Hoverbox is released to the public, and you just want to add a simple “hover” color effect to any image, here is my post on how to do it:


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  1. It would be nice if you would started from the very beginning of how to get to that page

  2. Any idea of how to add sound to videos in Hover
    box ?

  3. I do not have the whole left toolbox that you have, where can I find it?

  4. want to set pictures on my website and when hover that photo comes forward can you help me with that?

  5. it doesn't work when published. only in preview.

  6. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Are you able to add a container box to the hover box? For some reason I do not have this functionality… it is allowing me to put the text but not a translucent box. (We need to have an image of our food and then I want to have a hover box with a translucent background of the ingredients that go into it when you hover.) Any insight? Thanks for your help!

  8. I have this hover box on my website with a description of the lesson (portrait, landscape, whatever) and when you hover theres a button to learn more. On the mobile version there isn't a hover option so it always says learn more. Anyway to fix this without adjusting the website view?

  9. Yes how do you link hover boxes? I want to hover over a box (say on left) that changes an image or text in another box (say on right).

  10. How do you make the hover box stretch to fit the whole screen? Similar to a strip.

  11. Hi, everyone, I'm the developer of http://www.rolloverfx.com – the original and best and animation tool on wix. The new versions 2.0. = supports linking to light boxes, a. most requested feature

  12. I'm trying to add a link to the hover box, how do I do it?

  13. Any idea how to get a hover box to become a link?

  14. this. does. not. fucking. work. What the FUUUUUUCK am I doing wrong? I can't attach the text and I am going INSANE

  15. Thank you very much, i didn't know that!

  16. One year for the release?! Really???

  17. We're still waiting for this to be released… didn't realize it was going to take so long to de-bug the beta!

  18. Is this still in Beta? I can't find it. Otherwise, are there more (free) options to do something like this? Only found the paid 'Rollover Image Effects'

  19. Still not out… come on!

  20. this really needs to be released already
    its one of the effects separating the good websites from the great ones
    in my opinion

  21. Still in beta ahh crap. i really need this 😀

  22. Any word on when this will be released? Seems like the rollout date keeps getting pushed back. Thank you!

  23. Is there any other way to have a faded box that when you hover over it the image becomes sharp?

  24. Nice Tutorial. Left a sub.

  25. Any idea of when it's going to be available? The rollover app is really bad. Can't even edit the picture in it.

  26. How do I get it…I don't see it

  27. I was able to use the hover box about a week ago, but now I can't edit any of the hover boxes on my site. They still work but I can't change the "Hovered" mode. Is there a way to fix this?

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