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World’s Strongest Man – Nutrition Tips From Thor Bjornsson’s Coach

Epic Nutrition Tips From World’s Strongest Man Thor Bjornsson’s Coach – Level up your performance


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Have you ever wondered what Brian Shaw eats? Or what the Eddie Hall diet looks like? How about the Thor Bjornsson diet??

Or weather the worlds strongest man or hafthor bjornsson coach puts a lot of thought into the calories his athletes consume?

Does he think all calories are created equal? Think no more because today we spoke with Sebastian Oreb, Australian Powerlifting champion and coach to The Mountain himself, Hafthor Bjornsson … 2018 worlds strongest man.

In this insightful video Sebastian (Australian Strength Coach) reveals exactly what you need to eat to maintain the physique and performance of the worlds strongest man and Australia’s most successful powerlifter.

According to Seb these guys are known to eat upwards of 12000 calories per day! What does 12000 calories look like? And if there’s an ideal strongman diet for beginners, what does that look like?

We also asked if there was such thing as a strongman diet on a budget?? And even … the optimal powerlifting calorie intake and, is powerlifting healthy at all?

Apparently not … or at least not ideally! Wait until you hear how much Thor spends each week on food!! The cost is mind blowing …

Watch to the end for some great nutrition tips and the answer to the question … exactly how many calories does the mountain eat?

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  1. By the way big shout to you mates in Stralia ! , I do appreciate your grand work and contribution with this channel . I would love to come to visit you guys and train in person for a while . How do I arrange for that ?

  2. Lol , you eat like this dude and you will end up with heart, liver , kidney failure and diabetes .
    Strong like a bull stiff like a mull, I mean dang these strong men are on roids , anabolic drugs and have heaps of injuries from head to toe with loads of arthritis bad knees, elbows , spine etc. I mean trying should be about health, vitality, mobility , functional strength etc etc.

  3. Do not waste resource in mass bodybuildig unless you are in that sport. Just staying healthy and being in good shape is enough

  4. Fucking excellent. Thank you for the upload!

  5. Agree 100%. Stop eating crap dudes

  6. Let's also hear your take on the charges filed against Bjornsson for beating up his then fiance…she was at least third woman in Iceland to file criminal complaints against him for violence…the police in Iceland wrote him a letter saying they could not go further with the case at the time but said they believe Bjornsson beat her up. That's all cool with you as long as YOU are making money. All women should boycott any and all of your products and services.

  7. Did you ask him about admitting on ESPN that he takes massive amounts of steroids to compete? He would be worthless to you and strongman without the drugs. Your presentation is a farce…a lie. This is a joke. Bjornsson isn't special, he's on powerful, dangerous drugs. He is a victim of people like the executives at IMG Worldwide, the corporation that own "World's Strongest Man" and Arnold Schwarzenegger, owner of "The Arnold." Both IMG and Schwarzenegger are the founding fathers of Steroid Nation. They pocket millions while these guys risk their lives for peanuts. IMG executives and Schwarzenegger should be in jail for poisoning our kids. You should be ashamed of yourself for putting on this farce of a piece. Powerful laws are on way to hopefully end this madness.

  8. Copious amounts of salt? Ain't to much salt bad for ya?

  9. That big subtitles are horrible to read

  10. Greens can cause oxalates and oat meal can lower cholesterol too much if abused which in case lowers testosterone because test is made from cholesterol. Thor with roids and his genetics could eat micky dees and burger king and will still do better in strong man!!! Protein in and protein out just add roids and calories

  11. Diet tips, do you see the size of him? If I as climber eat like he suggests. Then I would never climb again… only die from stroke.

  12. What are his stats?!? Just curious….

  13. 3:12 "The Best Guys Are Shredded" – Daniel "DC" Cormier aka Champ Champ aka Baddest Man On The Planet Disagrees ! 😎

  14. Minced beef and white rice doesnt sound too hard. I'll get into packing in calories after I just learn how to work out first lol… getting started late in life.

  15. Interesting he mentions minced beef but it makes sense as its easier to digest than a slab of beef. I guess they buy steaks and have those minced down?

  16. More videos of this guy, please. It's gold.

  17. Great vid guys, love following Seb on the gram and we are keen to get stuck into the Vertical Diet in 2019 🙂

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