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Worth of Souls Podcast Series Part 1: Can Music Fight Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide?

Depression can have a devastating effect on physical health. Can the music you listen to affect your health as well? Science out of Great Britain says, “Yes!”

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Filmed & Edited by Tim Johnson

In the battle to fight anxiety, depression, and suicide, there is a new type of therapy that is not-so-new. Music! The “Worth of Souls” project aims to help those struggling with depression by using a powerful collection of music and lyrics pointing to Christianity’s greatest source of hope–Jesus Christ.

“I know firsthand the emotional and spiritual depths to which depression and disillusionment with life can take us. In addition to sensitive and caring loved ones and friends, nothing lifted my spirits and spoke peace more powerfully during my darkest days, than beautiful and inspiring music. While God has a myriad of ways by which He can work His miracles in our lives, very often His divine Spirit heals the broken heart, plants hope, and give perspective and purpose through the thoughtful and prayerful work of gifted and inspired musicians. In that spirit, I applaud the artists and producers of WORTH OF SOULS. Their tender and Christ-like offering is a life changing gift to all who will receive it.”

—Robert L. Millet Professor Emeritus of Religious Education Brigham Young University

Paul Cardall
Executive Producer
The Worth of Souls Project


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