Home / Cholesterol / Xanthelasma or Cholesterol Deposits and How to Camouflage Easily & Effectively for Great Makeup .

Xanthelasma or Cholesterol Deposits and How to Camouflage Easily & Effectively for Great Makeup .

Xanthelasma or Cholesterol Deposits and How to Camouflage them Easily & Effectively for Great Looking Makeup Application.

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MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation #NW30

STUDIO FIX – http://bit.ly/2kXPBV2
They are numbered N=neutral (beige) W=warm (pink tones) C=cool (yellow tones). The higher the number the darker the foundation.

Brows – Brun & Charcoal Brown
Eyeliner – Brun
Lower Liner – Brun & Charcoal Brown
Centre of lid – Naked Lunch
Eyeshadow – Print
+ Carbon (not used in this video)
Mascara – Great Lash – Brown/Black
Blush – MAC Sheer 7
Lips – Maybelline Superstay 24hr – #55 & #110 for highlight

266SH Small Angle Brush,
217SH Blending Brush,
239 Eye Shading Brush

PRO PALETTE Medium Compact (holds 2 blush & 5-6 eyeshadows

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  1. Sharon, I can't thank you enough for this transformative experience.

    My xanthelasma appeared, suddenly, 6 years ago, and ever since it's chipped away at my confidence and self-esteem. Surgical removal is not an option, for efficacy and financial reasons. But as someone who had never bought or worn make-up, camouflaging the xanthelasma seemed just as out-of-reach.

    Your skill and artistry have changed all that! You've shown how with a few well-placed strokes of a brush I can be me again. Now all I have to do is practice, practice, practice.

    Sharon, you are wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  2. Thank you for this. I too have zanthalasma on my lids and it's become to the point I can't hide it. These tips were great

  3. Hi can i hide my fatty spots on my upper eye lid with Mac Studio Fix is there any others colour availbale or only this colour hide, my skin tone is mediun thanks

  4. I noticed Marcella's cholesterol around her eyes was caused by medication. My sister has cholesterol around both eyes and it told her doctor she needed medication. Hers were not caused by medication. I can't wait for her to see this channel

  5. I loved this. She looks great! Plus its so easy to put that look together and to remove too actually.

  6. I have Xantelasma for 6 years. I was fantastic about makeup, now I always feel terrible when I look in the mirror and know that I look horrible. I am 35 years old. Thank you for demonstrating that makeup is an acceptable solution. ❤️

  7. She's beautiful and even moreso with the addition of makeup. I think we can all improve what we have.

  8. What products where used? Would be helpful

  9. Marcella, you are so sweet and so pretty! I'm glad Sharon was able to make you feel better! She was so respectful towards you, and You look lovely!

  10. My goodness. Unbelievable. I didn’t. Realize it was the same lady. Beautiful. Gonna try these products and routine.

  11. PERSONAL & DIGITAL MAKE-BETTERS FOR EVERY AGE & STAGE PLAYLIST – Women of all ages are welcoming their natural gray hair, embracing their healthy beauty and enjoying their confident aging, simply and effectively. Here are their stories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ1yIt62kSo&list=PLfJM4fByTgTsFFV48yAw0NwTkr69NjcZU

  12. Wow, that was a wonderful transformation. Marcella is a beautiful woman 🙂

  13. Your a lovely woman so understanding I wish I had found you sooner love your videos 💐🇬🇧

  14. It's a shame mac support animal testing:(

  15. can you fill me in on what exactly the first makeup was that covered the discolored part I have the same thing and I'm desperate! Thank you in advance

  16. Absolutely fabulous! Sharon, you are so awesome at helping all of us as we embrace our individual beauty and make the most of those great products out there. I really appreciate your getting us to understand that we really don't need that many products, its using them the correct way!

  17. Sharon you are amazing! This brought a tear to my eye too because you allowed her true beauty to come through in such a soft natural way. Marcella is so pretty and sweet!

  18. Sharon, thank you for showing us how little techniques can make big differences! I love when you use "regular people" as models. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  19. This was totally AWESOME!!!!
    Keep looking UP!!!!

  20. Lovely to see the video after the Facebook story, or should I say "fairy godmother" story. Sharon you make it look so easy and it's amazing to see Marcela's true beauty shine through. I'm filling up now! Blinking menopause!

  21. What a wonderful video!

  22. Sharon this may not be the place to ask but do you ever makeup the backs of your hands? I'm trying to cover my age spots. Any experience with this?

  23. Oh my gosh, what an incredible transformation using your trademark minimalist/magical approach, Sharon. Marcella has the most beautiful eyes, and you just…revealed them! I literally got tears in my own eyes. This one is going into the Favorites folder. Wonderful. Thank you. 💚 Linda

  24. Which medication causes these? I have to take several!!

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