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Yoga Asanas for Weight Gain

Yoga has become synonymous with losing weight. But, here is something surprising. Yoga can actually aid you in weight gain! Through regular and dedicated practice of yoga, along with a nutritious diet.

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  1. Mam plz tell me, arms ki muscles kaise increase kre… they r tooo skinny🙁🙁

  2. These are shown for weight loss too, what is the difference? Explain please

  3. medom ea 3 yogas okkokkati yentasepu vyyali and morning evning chyyacha

  4. I want to gain weight..what should I eat after yoga

  5. Bhujangasan does not gain weight,rather it makes' loosen belly fat.

  6. subha pe khane k pahele Karna hain?khali Pet mein? yea fer breakfast ki bad?

  7. do i have to do this same steps every day ? n what diet i have to maintain every day ?

  8. As an expert, I do think Clegenatur Methods can be great way to increase your cup size. Why not give it a chance? maybe it is going to work for you too.

  9. should we keep breathing when we are doing an asan or we just hold back our breath ?

  10. waist size increase krne k liye koi exercise Btaye

  11. Hii mam, plz aap mujhe chest growth ke yoga btaye

  12. Is this really work for all kinds of personalities

  13. men also do that yoga for weight gain

  14. For how many minutes we have to do this ashans?

  15. kitne din mein waight gain hoga

  16. Within how many days can we gain weight?

  17. The same poses you’re saying also reduces weight, what does this even mean 🤔

  18. hi iam nandhini can I do these yoga after my dinner at night time is its work out to me to gain weight????

  19. These three Ashan can be done at dawn ??

  20. when can we do this yoga in the morning or in the day or at night does it have any side effect what should we take before doing this yoga afte how many weeks or month we can get the result can we really gain weight through this please reply

  21. Hi! Im willing to do this but i wonder of this really works? How long do i have to do this? Can i do this before eating my breakfast? Thankyou!

  22. I am unable to understand why bhujangasana is for weight gain?what's the practical reason behind it?

  23. I didn't understand the exhale and inhaling in pavanamuktasana ..is this done in the last part or we have to inhale and exhale continuously for 4 minutes like that.

  24. 1 and 3 asan is to be done before or after breakfast???

  25. Yoga personal advice whatsapp us +918800917339

  26. hello thanks for the video.. I had a query I just saw in the comment section stomach must be empty for 3 hours… I usually practice yoga at 10am 1 hour after my breakfast so is that okay…

  27. I m underweight. Will it help me out?

  28. Which time is better for Yoga?

  29. does it works for gaining weight within two months?

  30. is it helpful to gain weight?

  31. Hello mam !! love ur videos, i wanna ask u that … how long can we do this three yoga…I mean exact time

  32. is there any problem if we do all these at evening 5 pm

  33. hai I saw these three types of asanas I think can't do these all. So I can choose any one can regullarly it's right or not

  34. how many days we have to do for weight gain

  35. mam wjrasan kis tym krna h ya ye sare asan khana khne K Bad ya phle ya sham ko kr skte h

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