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Yoga Exercises for Ears and Better Hearing – Yoga Health with HPLN

This is a set of Ears and Hearing training exercises from Yoga and Tao Yin designed to improve our hearing and energize the whole body, if done regularly.

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  1. Its too hard for me to adjust in the class coz I can't hear at all and I don't wanna get hearing aids

  2. I have been doing it for several days,but it seems like its not improving

  3. I am totally deaf in one ear and I can't hear properly. I hope or yoga works

  4. Is this massage helpful for Frank's sign please reply.

  5. Hi Jin
    Thanks for uploading this. I have tinitis and am losing hearing so I'm going to try your exercises. Will also look at your upload for eyes. Age decrepitude:)

  6. Wow man.tried everything and it relieved my pain especially last one.thank you very much and subbed your channel

  7. My ears are so stiff, you can make a shield out of them.

  8. Thank you a lot . You really helped me .

  9. Very good exercises. Lower down volume of back ground music

  10. Background music downs out what you are saying

  11. I am from India. I will be happy if your exercises are helpful.

  12. I like your explanation of each exercise. I get a thumping sound in my right ear and difficulty sleeping at night. I hope your exercises help me.

  13. I am trying exercises for ears and better hearing yoga helps

  14. I have tried all. None proved positive. All waste of time. Better consult some senior Doctor for hearing I think no remedy even from any Dr. For hearing loss. Inner nurve gone shrinked. No treatment I found only hearing aid helps.

  15. Is this massag also recover perforatted ear drum??

  16. Sir , my friend's mom getting suffered due to hearing loss due to hole in ear.How to recover the ear problem?

  17. Sir even i dont know with what problem i am suffering with.on last year december 16 i put my phone on the right side and started talking with my friend after talking,i felt like hot sense and somewhat heaviness in my right ear,and i cannot say what it actually this feeling,and i went to e.n.t and said nothing happened and upto 3 months i feel my ear discomforted i sometimes could hear my own voice when i used to talk…after that i went to another e.n.t in mumbai.and he madam says she has given excercises that take a ball on hit the wall and catch it do it forcefully….i used to do it…but some how i have relieved but still i feel the fear touching my ears, and feel that i dont want to talk with phone on either side of my ears, and i feel that everyone surrounding are using phones for talking and putting ear phones and listening to music and they are normal….and i feel like i feel good when i close my ears with the thumbs when that heaviness sensation arises…what is the reason…..for this discomfort…

  18. Sir agar ears ki nase weak ho to thik ho sakti ha ya nahi

  19. Sir agar ears ki nase weak ho to thik ho sakti ha ya nahi

  20. Sir agar ears ki nase weak ho to thik ho sakti ha ya nahi

  21. Sir agar ears ki nase weak ho to thik ho sakti ha ya nahi

  22. THANK YOU SO MUCH.. I found this video searching for solutions, perhaps you can help us, my husband is suffering from a disease called Menier it affected his hearing balance and his psychological stage of mind. He is very frustrated and isolated and is hurting our family more and more.

  23. Sir I m from India
    Its really good to see ppl from west acknowledging its importance
    Love from India

  24. This is best exercise for ear i recommend to all to do tha

  25. please, i have conductive hearing losses (otosclerosis) in both my ears, does this exercises improve this case?

  26. sir my kid girl is low hearing he can do exercise

  27. Sir, I m 60% hearing disabled person..right ear is almost damage..due to nerve prblm..dctrs suggest me to use hearing aid but I feel uncomfortable to use it.cant listen from back, n can't u understand clg lectures well. plz help me

  28. is it helping to improve my hearing capacity?

  29. i like these exercises very much thank you very much

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