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Yoga For Healthy Posture – Yoga Tips

Yoga Tips for a healthy posture! Yoga Danda awareness is introduced in this Yoga With Adriene episode! Yoga fundamentals! Applications of the yoga practice! Grow your practice and improve your posture by expanding awareness of the spinal column in your yoga postures and in the every day. Use your breath to support your exploration. This video is excellent for beginners but also valuable to anyone with a desire to deepen their yoga practice. Practice. Apply. ENJOY!

Side note: didn’t get to staff pose or half moon in this edit of the video. Check out the foundational video for those poses below to apply this danda awareness to these asana or poses.

Staff Pose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXz0OCjO3p4

Half Moon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EriPRTk1ly0

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  1. It's my 280th day in the books of my yoga routine…it have become a part of my life n improved my body structure n the perspective of how i view my life …so i thank u for that …glad to have u by my side…

  2. Never in my life have I ever been dedicated to working out until Now. God Bless you Adriene!

  3. this is the worst video ever..rather than talking so much you should teach us some yoga.

  4. Thank you so much for fostering a beautiful community and sharing so much love!! I always find wisdom here that seems to connect perfectly with where I’m at. The spine holds us up and keeps us in alignment, and I want to find more ease in working from this natural space. Thank you for helping me be my best self. Wishing peace, love, and empowerment for everybody <3

  5. Videos would be improved with less talking and more poses.

  6. Redundant? More like re-dunda-ant 😂

  7. I was dreading Dandasana but when we didn’t actually do it i figured I’d do it anyways since i hyped myself up for it. It was actually really nice this time.

  8. This is my first Yoga with Adriene video. I've never encountered a yoga video quite like this and I really liked it. I have been doing very basic yoga for over 20 years and have recently begun to expand my practice and commit to a daily dose. It really is life changing, but so many channels – even those with routines for beginners – don't take the time to really get into the nitty gritty like you just did. Besides being a creative and spiritual person, I'm also an analytical person who thrives on understanding the science and structure behind the yoga practice. From this first video, I'm thinking you checked all the boxes.
    Thank you for sharing your work. Namaste.

  9. Found another older video and so grateful! Keep it coming!

  10. I'm 65 and have enjoyed "light yoga" for many years, but now am very aware of poor posture, and weakness in pulling in my abdomen.. please help….should I do your yoga back strengthening every day, or should I do a variety of your videos?

  11. This video was great. I realized how wrong my posture has been…. Thank you!!! And I love your channel a lot 🙂

  12. Thank you! I am 6ft tall and have extra weight that I need to lose, and I want to strengthen my back and shoulders in the process

  13. Loved doing this….got burning sensation on my arms and thighs♥️

  14. Getting back into yoga during lockdown, your videos are really great. I've often found yoga is as much about the postures as it is about connecting with the teacher. Your videos are really great thank you

  15. This was definitely one of those times I thought there's no way I'll last 15 minutes but sure I'll give it a go, and then when you said it was over I was like what?! Absolutely flew by! 🙂
    I never thought I'd 'get' Yoga, or certainly not enjoy it. I forced myself to try it in Lockdown mostly to help my running (I can't tell you how many times I've watched "Yoga for Runners: 7 MIN POST RUN"!) and have since explored most of the <20 minute practices. I have a busy and often stressful job, and watching your videos and following your practices has given me daily happiness throughout a difficult time. So thank you Adrienne!

  16. loved the video and learnt a lot, would you consider doing a video/routine for posture? Ie, focusing on the shoulders and strength there?

  17. love your work and how you walk thru honestly I don't watch any other yoga teacher #1 teacher you know how to walk it thru
    much love <3

  18. Thanks so much for this. The perfect lockdown, working from home desk break.

  19. Interesting, not done one of your sessions like this before & it was helpful to be reflective. Not necessarily satisfying as a short practice but def helpful when considering adjustments within a posture. Actually I generally find that your suggestions and advice when focusing on a position in everyday sessions are good to enable me interpret what you are asking me to do and ensure that I am think holistically about my body posture. Thanks Adriene.

  20. as an indian i understand the meaning of every asana and pranayam😙😚

  21. I doubt that anyone will see this and help me but when I try to do triangle pose I just don't have the strength in my hips to hold my lower hand where it should be. I just collapse because it hurts so much in my lower back.
    any ideas?

  22. I've been revisiting some of these way earlier videos. Fun, and good to review basics. Always.

  23. My 1st time doing this practice and I must say it’s a little challenging.

  24. I have posture issues and I really would like to work on it ! So thanks a lot for this video Adriene !!

  25. Thank you so much for this! I don't practice every day so doing this was very humbling. I appreciate that your videos are always here when I need them. 😊

  26. Due to stay home during Covid-19 I decided to start yoga and, nowadays, i don't see my life without it!! Thank you, Adriene!!

  27. I love this video but we never did dandasana!! 😹

  28. I dont even realised that was over omaigad thank you!!!!!!

  29. I love you so much Adriene. I have always been attracted to a yoga practice, as I am trying to really get present and love my body and from the first time watching your videos I could just feel a connection with the love in your voice and your funny little comments. Youre inspiring. Truly. This is the best guided practice I have ever seen. Will forsure see every single one of your videos and absorb that knowledge. I would also like to donate something to you. I dont know through where that would be possible. Its a way of thanking you for helping me find what feels good, breathe in love and move with conciousness. Let me know if you have a page or anything I can purchase or how to support you!

  30. I have recently started practicing yoga after hearing so many great things. As of now I feel so inflexible, I do not come close to touching my toes lol. I have been watching your videos and I love them! I love how many different categories you make and that there is a video for everything! I feel so inspired and cannot wait to see where my journey takes me (hopefully to more flexibility lol). I am a little overwhelmed with so many options but for now I am just trying to figure out what works best for me. Thank you for sharing your practice!

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