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Yoga For Stress, Anxiety and Depression With Kat Tillinghast

Yoga for Stress, Anxiety and Depression
West Coast Yoga and Sports Therapy.
Orange County, California

Yoga with Kat

If you suffer from Stress, Anxiety, Depression, or all three, this video can help you. This particular type of Yoga is called Yoga Therapy and these poses, taught by Kat, who is a Yoga Therapist, are specifically designed to strengthen the body, while creating a more calm and focused mind.The focus on the movements and breath, helps to relax the nervous system. Cardio and other types of exercise are important and so are many other forms of treatments for these conditions. This Yoga practice can be done in conjunction with any other treatment. Done on a daily basis or more often, this practice soon creates new habits in the body and mind, which replace old habits such as not moving the body, not taking full breaths, and agitated or depressed minds. Consistency is the key.


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  1. thank you so much Tillinghast,i have too much anxiety…….can you help your yoga…..please send some video yours…………..

  2. Nice videos.. Informative…

  3. This is the best yoga video i have found and i have searched and watched many ! Your voice and energy is very calming thank you!

  4. Lovely video, very helpful! I'm so glad someone is making content for depression and anxiety.

    One thing, I am concerned with your bindhi wearing (the dot on our forehead). It has significant cultural and religious meaning and history that you do not share.

  5. This is amazing. Very much needed!! Was just wondering if maybe you'd do a yoga therapy for scoliosis? Looking forward to more of your videos!

  6. great practices! thank you!

  7. Wonderful video! Thank you really helped to stretch out and calm the mind.. also now my goal is for that headstand. working from dolphin position up against the wall 😬

  8. hi kat!!! in december my best friend's dad died and since then i have panic attacks and i cant take out of my mind the idea that somenthing really bad is going to happen to me or my beloved ones…. im superstressed my doctor said that im in shock and at first lets see if i can get over on my own and if this doesnt stop or getting bigger we'll see if i need something more… but this video look really good and i want to try because i believe yoga is helpful… i think that this is going to help me to control my self, my anexiaty and bad thoughts right….???

  9. Hello Kat.
    i live in myanmar.now i feel fear and stress in my mind .can u explain yoga is really good for all this case? can u reply me .thanks u

  10. U have no idea how much I needed this! Thank you soo much,god bless you! I suffer from anxiety and depression.My muscles ache throughout d body as stress keeps building in them.I would love to get some advices specific to my prob,where my muscle ache is treated.Thankyou again

  11. You are doing well because controlling your body well

  12. thanks it did work . I have followed every step but some of them was bit hard so I just stayed with normal steps

  13. Wonderful session! Thank you! Very useful for many of my students!

  14. Great video! I have depression.
    I love yoga, and I combine it with crystal healing and strength. I have certain crystals that I love the most. If you want to see my crystals, visit frankreiserrocksminerals.blogspot.com. They help me! Best wishes, Frank.

  15. Thank you Kat! I have a student suffering with anxiety and post postpartum. I've referre her to your video. 🙂 Namaste <3

  16. I found this very hard to follow saying to do certain poses for a certain amount of time or reps, some of the positions to not be correct, and left me unprepared before i started. Im sorry but this video needs some improvement.

  17. Started so well, I relaxed to your voice and words, but I could not follow the routine without watching the screen constantly, which immediately stressed out my neck defeating the object.  Pity.

  18. At first, thanks for sharing!
    It has nothing to do with you Kat, I feel like that in every yoga video,..but it is normal to feel bored while doing yoga?

  19. You are getting into every move too quickly. Like you're supposed to stay in a pose for like 5-10mins but breathing exercises are different.

  20. Loved the random tips you gave during the video (: thanks 

  21. Great video! Helped me a lot thank you!!!

  22. Thank you Kat!!! You are really sweet!!!! 

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