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Yoga For Weight Gain | Cobra Pose | Yoga Tak

Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana is a beginning backbend pose in yoga that helps to prepare the body for deeper backbends. It is an alternative pose of Upward-Facing Dog.

Cobra Pose is best known to increase the flexibility of the spine. It stretches the chest while strengthening the spine and shoulders. It also helps to open the lungs, which is therapeutic for asthma. This pose also stimulates the abdominal organs, improving digestion. It also firms and tones the shoulders, abdomen and helps to ease the pain of sciatica.

Avoid this pose if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, or a recent back or wrist injury.

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  1. Hi I want to gain my weight plz can u contact me I want take classes from u

  2. Anyone please tell me in english please

  3. Hey she is giving wrong information cobra pose actually reduces the belly fat and it makes ur waist thinner I hope u don't watch such type of rubbish viedoes

  4. Counter posture is just like
    Islam has told 1400 years ago about SAJDA.. Yes bcz it really relaxes body.. Soothens it ..and leaves behind a calm pieceful mind😊
    Proud to be a part of such a modern religion.. ❤

  5. 45 s jyda nhi hota abhi 39 ho gya h

  6. Lower back pain me to bhujanhasan bataaate h Orr aap mnaa krree hoo

  7. I think this posture needs a correction
    You can watch this

  8. Thanks mam main yoga karti honn i like yoga

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  10. Mam koi hair fall ko rokne ke liye exercise btaaiye

  11. Lower back pain m bhi yhh kr sakte h kya,or krna effective hoga?

  12. Inhale krne k baad hold krna h breath ko??

  13. वीडियो तो पसंद आया गरिमा दीदी लेकिन वजन सच मे बढ़ेगा कि नही,इस आसन को करने से,कृप्या बताये,मै परेशान हूं,मेरा वजन कुछ दिनो से घटने लगा है।

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  15. Yes this is very benefit for me I gain my weight thank you mam………

  16. Body ko spine ke sahare uthayen ya hands ke sahare??

  17. Mam m kuch b kr lu chahe pr ptli ki ptli hi hu sb bolte h tu kbhi moti nhi hogi😭😭😭😭

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