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Yoga tips to have a healthy uterus

Few Yoga tips to have a healthy uterus

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providing world class service, through quality/evidence based methods. We place utmost

importance on patients cares to ensure a holistic outcome.

ELCE specializes in Laparoscopic surgeries and Therapeutic Endoscopies. Spreading our wings since

two decades, we have evolved with experience, expertise, and commitment in the field of Minimally

Invasive Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Surgery.

ELCE specializes in 24-hr/day- care laparoscopic solutions for any complicated, longstanding and

A recurrent hernia, gall bladder, and appendicectomy.

It is only in the 19th century that medicine made rapid progress. Prior to that, diseases were

surrounded by various theories, assumptions, understandings/misunderstandings, religious beliefs

and cultural environments. The excruciating pain had to be endured and the cure was lacking in

many cases. The later advancement of medical treatments is caused by changing practices and

technological feasibilities and developments in science and technology. Today’s medical technology

offers surgical solutions with reduced pain, minimal blood loss, and scarring, advanced treatments

etcetera. This assures speedy recovery and longer, independent and healthier life.

Here at ELCE, obesity is tackled with world class Bariatric procedures along with follow-up,

counseling, motivation, and advice. This step by step actions aid in weight loss and therefore rectify

related problems such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiac arrest. Treating uterine and ovarian

diseases, cancers, and other gynecological issues through advanced laparoscopic techniques is also

one of the specialties of ELCE.

Dr. P.S. Rajan, Chairman of Endoscopy and Laparoscopic Centre of Excellence (ELCE). As a surgeon,

he is known for innovative, least invasive and advanced surgical procedures in treating

gastrointestinal problems. His vast knowledge and experience in therapeutic endoscopy is

commendable. Dr.P.S.Rajan leads the ELCE Team to offer quality healthcare and exceptional service

to mankind.

Quoting John C. Maxwell, “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead

to motivate them.”

ELCE Medical Foundation is an aspect of ELCE Clinics through which Project YES (Your Endoscopy

Screening) has been initiated. Not to forget, ELCE aided Free Endoscopy Screening over 6700

individuals in a span of 30 months is a huge contribution as well.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Well done is better than well said!”

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