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You Need Cholesterol, Not Dangerous Statin Drugs!

Statin drugs, prescribed to lower cholesterol and control cardiovascular health, can actually cause more harm to your body. Lowering cholesterol can put you at risk and can cause you to develop cancer, according to Andreas Moritz. He says it can’t be proven that cholesterol causes heart disease.


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  1. I was put on statins after my heart attack I was so sick I thought I was having another heart attack, that was immediately, I truly thought I was going to die after taking the statins it was worse than the actual heart attack!

  2. A trillion dollar pharma industry CAN'T be wrong…………….. can they?
    Follow the money.

  3. Reduced my total chol. and ldl from 415 to 230 in 6 weeks with sugar free diet and RAW GARLIC, first thing in the morning well chewed and no water or food for approx an hour…Worked wonder for me..No statins

  4. I'm getting off all meds I'm doing it natural. Eat healthy you are what you eat 🤗💪👍👌

  5. I love Andreas Moritz he’s was a great man I agree with a lot of things he talked about except being vegan

  6. Yesterday, I was listening to a doctor (cardiologist?) on the Doctors radio show. He is a huge proponent of statins, and even said that EVERYBODY should be on them! My doctor's assistant called me a few weeks ago, asking if I would agree to go on Lipitor. I said no. My LDL has been increasing and is now at 149, my HDL also increased from 41 to 53 within one year. I am on prescription meds, and one of them can increase blood serum levels. I have also been consuming a lot of nuts (peanuts, pistachios, and walnuts) in my diet, and I have read that eating a lot of healthy fats can increase both LDL and HDL numbers, and lower triglycerides (inflammation can lower triglycerides, also). My triglycerides are 39. I have asked my doctor to change medication, but haven't heard back .

  7. Indeed correlation does not mean causation.

  8. What about the fenofibrate I have to take for high triglycerides?

  9. Big Pharmas plan years ago was to get everyone over 60 to be on a statin, blood pressure and diabetes drug.

  10. What the Norma cholesterol if it i 285

  11. Lipitor raises blood sugar and then the doctor says you are diabetic and then you get a pill for that . Once you get on the drug merry-go-round you are screwed!

  12. Medical dogma about cholesterol is 100% wrong as shown by the so-called French paradox. The body uses cholesterol to repair damaged arteries. The idea that cholesterol somehow causes the condition is pure mythology.

  13. ✨Thank you for qualifying the truth about Statins which are nothing but poison✨😳✨… My doctor has been hounding me for years to take Statins which I will never do again after being deceived into taking them about ten years ago for a short time and straight away it affected my memory so I couldn’t think straight which is a known side effect …✨ Statins will shorten your life ✨😳 ✨Eat a healthy Keto diet and keep the inflammation out of your body and enjoy a long life ✨🥑🍅🥬🥕🥦🍋🥒😎👍✨

  14. If science manipulates views, why don’t you stop selling your own books for your own profit and conduct your own studies?? Statins aren’t great, but they do have some evidence that they have benefits. You, on the other hand, have literally nothing but anecdotal evidence. Science is not perfect, but it’s the best we’ve got.

  15. I flushed my statins down the toilet a year ago. Feel great and have also lost 27 pounds. Drug companies are the fucking rats of the world.

  16. Absolutely right. Just another drug company makeing money. Stanins should never have been put on the market.

  17. True that inflammation is the problem. You can take turmeric and black pepper to prevent it. Most people I know who are/were on statins, including my husband, have had issues with muscle problems. Husband had a heart attack and they told him he had to take the highest dose of Lipitor. They said that it was for inflammation. His pain was causing issues in his hands and he is a guitar player. I started giving him an Oat Bran chew and oatmeal in the morning instead, plus the turmeric/black pepper combo. FYI his cholesterol was never high even after his heart attack. One more thing since it can also cause liver damage, why in the hell would anyone take this? PS. Lipitor is the most prescribed medication on the planet. Image the loss to Big Pharma if everyone stopped being sucked in.

  18. wicked people who sell or give drugs out

  19. Scared to stop statins and asprin because GP Neurologist say to stop them greatly inceases chance of another stroke= what to do?

  20. Im so glad i watched this my Dr try to me on some cholesterol pills i did not take them shes still pushing me to take them i told her you take them😕

  21. Our brains are mostly cholesterol

  22. If you understand what LDL and HDL are, you will clearly see the whole thing is a fraud. LDL is a hormone used for recovery of Lipids from damaged cells and clearing it from the blood stream by the liver. HDL is a hormone used by the body to export lipids from the liver to make new cells. The issue of LDL and HDL shows that the issue is if you are high why are you high. You are recovering from damage! Stopping the damage is what should be done not stopping LDL and HDL.

  23. So, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn is wrong all the way!

  24. If we used the high cholesterol logic on everything, it would be like this: Whenever I drive by a car crash, I see an unusually high number of ambulances and fire trucks. Therefore, if we reduce the number of ambulances and fire trucks, there will be less car accidents. 🤔🙄🤦‍♂️

  25. Since I stopped my statin Drugs I have stopped have explosive 💩. Every meal I was in the toilet 🚽. I’m so glad I’m not in statin hell anymore

  26. Nothing is being discussed relating LDL and HDL cholesterol.

  27. I need an advice. I don't know how to convince my grandfather to stop taking statins and start a ketogenic diet. His heath continues to deteriorate but he still believes the statins will improve his blood pressure. Any suggestions?

  28. Hi sir my Dr said I had 20 to 30 percent block in my left arteries and he gave statin shall I use or change my lifestyle I am afraid to use statin plz suggest

  29. there's so much corruption in the world. It does not surprise me that the medical establishment and the establishment in general want people just to be sick and die.


  31. What is the name of the doctor? He died?

  32. I have had high Cholesterol (over 300) my whole life and the Dr's have pushed drugs on me the whole time. I refused to take anything. There is a book "The Cholesterol Myths" by Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD. Great Book!! He researched cultures around the world with high and low cholesterol. He found Cholesterol amount had no baring on heart disease at all in fact there are many cultures with very high cholesterol that are in fantastic health. He also showed in his book how necessary Cholesterol is for your body. It's essential. High Cholesterol is High .. Like over 400 That is when it is too high "Cholesterpolmenia". Big Pharma Lies Lies Lies and makes tons of money doing it.. Did you know you never see drug ads anywhere but the USA.. I know I travel the world as an international pilot. That is against the law anywhere else.

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