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Zinc, anxiety and depression | Is this simple mineral deficiency keeping you unwell?

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Have you ever wondered whether a zinc deficiency could cause anxiety? Or whether zinc supplementation was a good treatment for anxiety, depression or other mental health symptoms?

In this video Dr Janelle Sinclair will discuss the relationship between zinc and anxiety, as well as zinc and depression. She will talk about zinc deficiency signs and symptoms, zinc’s effect on mental health, zinc testing, and zinc dosage as well as common side-effects and interactions with other mediations. Zinc is one of the most powerful minerals for anxiety and is an effective mineral for depression too. Zinc has many health benefits.

Dr Janelle Sinclair is a biochemist and natural medicine practitioner who focuses on natural treatment of anxiety and depression. She offers advice on natural anti anxiety supplements and natural anxiety help. There are lots of different vitamins and minerals for mental health. Dr Janelle discusses which ones are most effective, and signs and symptoms that your body gives you that show which ones you may benefit from most.

Zinc deficiency isn’t the only physical cause for anxiety and depression. There are many other nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and problems with the digestive tract, which can impact mental health. Your body often gives physical signs that you have these imbalances.

Dr Janelle has created a checklist which lists 29 signs and symptoms that your body gives you that reveals that you may have biochemical cause for your depression and anxiety.

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Zinc taste test in New Zealand: The zinc taste test is available at most pharmacies that carry the Clinicians range of supplements. Just ask one of the assistance whether they do it instore. https://www.lifepharmacy.co.nz/services/health-checks-at-your-pharmacy/zinc-testing/

Zinc supplements
High quality zinc supplement:
High dose zinc supplement (cheaper alternative):

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*Dr Janelle Sinclair received her PhD in biochemistry from the University of Basel, Switzerland in 2003. Her use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to herself solely refers to that degree. Dr Janelle is a licensed natural health practitioner in New Zealand. The content contained in this video is strictly the opinion of Dr Janelle Sinclair, and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr Sinclair and you. Dr Janelle nor Conscious Health Ltd are not liable or responsible for any possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All viewers of this content should seek advice from a physician or qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or interactions of supplements with medications.


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  1. Thanks for watching! Do you have any of the zinc deficiency signs? Or have you ever used a zinc supplement?

  2. Zinc is really best mineral Dr tanks I want you to show you zinc beauty thanks Raza form pakistan

  3. Dr. Sinclair, I live in NJ one of the few states where it’s illegal to request a blood test with out a doctors prescription. I went to a hematologist and got bloodwork done but I don’t know if the test will cover zinc and a lot of minerals. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do other than trying to find the right doctor to beg for a referral for a test in a certain mineral or vitamin deficiency?🙁

  4. I have no symptoms of zinc deficiency on my skin and nails, but I was looking for a remedy for insomnia and depression, and going through nutritional supplements one by one I came to zinc. Zinc made an incredible impression, it seems to turn on the brain, which was turned off until that time. After taking zinc, I feel serene calmness and almost happiness like in nirvana. I don't know what that means, maybe my brain needs more zinc than other people. Hope it's safe to take zinc long term

  5. I have been wondering if i am low on zinc….i took it one afternoon and the next day my anxiety was better during the day but then got horrible toward the evening…does this mean i should try it again taking it regularly? I am 25 years old 200lbs 6'2 and took 40mg in tablet form

  6. Thank you so much Dr. Sinclair! You are absolutely delightful and informative…I am so appreciative of this youtube….I believe that it is going to help me! God bless you.

  7. My blood results

    Zinc 16.49 ( 13.80 – 22.30)

    When I took the blood test, I was taking it to check for the reason behind developing eczema. About less than a month later, I developed anxiety and sleep problems. Rapid heartbeat and difficulty returning to sleep, staying asleep and going to sleep.

    Do I still need to take zinc 15mg? I take wheatgrass and seems like there is a lot of copper in there?

    I did not check my copper then or yet.

  8. If someone takes antidepressants SSRI , can he takes zink to increase Improve immunity. I mean is there any contra indication.

  9. Hi for social anxiety Witch vitamins butter pls

  10. I love your videos… Thank you Doc!

  11. Zinc must ALWAYS be taken with Copper in order to prevent low blood cell count Anemia which is serious indeed if Zinc is taken on a regular basis . Long term zinc taken alone will cause intestinal issues along with a greying of hair and general muscle weakness and a weakened immune system. Zinc taken without Copper will cause a Copper deficiency causing iron to not be absorbed properly and leaving the individual with walking difficulties. Anyone who has studied Zinc knows the importance of advising to take Copper along at a ratio of 1mg copper to 5 mg Zinc

  12. I’ve been suffering with morning anxiety for 3 years now and currently take 2 antidepressants. I’m going to add zinc to see if it helps. Thank you for this info.

  13. Hi doctor, and thanks for the great video.
    I have a question. In my search for some natural supplements for anxiety and depression, I came across something called Lithium Orotate. My question is that, is it safe to take it while on SSRI? I'm currently taking Faverine 200 mg. I also read that Lithium might cause hypothyroidism, does this mean all Lithium supplements do cause this including Lithium orotate or is it only restricted to the other Lithium that is used as a prescription drug?
    Thanks again for the great content.

  14. Hii Dr. Janelle. I love your videos. I suffer from anxiety disorder and insomnia. After watching your videos. I got tested for zinc and the result was 52 mcg/dl. And I found out the normal range starts from around 80. I just purchased 50 mg Zinc Picolnate.Is this good form or is this dose high for me??Please reply. I am eagerly waiting.

  15. I just discover zinc in helping with my insomnia. I take zinc, vitamin c and magnesium doing the evening and now able to sleep through the night. Hell I look younger and well rested. I've been so stress worrying about maintaining my lifestyle and money, who knew! I still think about getting more money though. lol

  16. Thank you for this video! I've started this and B6 from your advice four days ago, and it's already been life-changing. I wish I'd known sooner, but I wouldn't know now without your work.

  17. I had 4 of the symptoms of low zinc including depression. After taking zinc for a couple weeks I feel so much better. My depression is gone.

  18. Great madam…… Plz tell me the best source of zinc

  19. Dear Dr Janelle, I have trouble staying asleep, so much so my sleep degraded to 4 hours then I would wake (the same pattern for several years), and unable to return to sleep. I am 34yrs old, no OSA, had a sleep lab to confirm. I recently had a blood test, this showed my Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium levels were all normal. Zinc 7.4 umol/L (9.2-18.4) was very low and my Copper (Blood) 66.1 mg/dl (70.0-140.0) also out of the range. 6 months ago, a saliva 4 sample test showed my evening Cortisol was elevated. I have been through allot, done all the CBT-I, but really I believe the biochemistry was not allowing me to get my sleep back. I still think my sleep troubles are not totally resolved.

    I am taking a good multi vit twice a day. Since the mineral test, I started 50mg Zinc Gluconate supplement before bed, this INSTANTLY gave me 1 hour more sleep daily, I have been doing this for 4 weeks. In the last 2 weeks I added 600mg L-Theanine, now if I wake often I can return for some more sleep, now I get at a minimum 6 hours, which is much better, but I do seem to have some all day long mild headaches.

    My personality type is type a, worryer / must fix things… I am not an anxious wreck, and when I sleep well I can feel amazing! I practice mindfulness and meditation.

    Should I be supplementing Copper? is there anything else I can try? all other tests have shown normal or excellent, Vit D, B12 (active) Iron Profile, Thyroid Function, Liver Function, Testosterone, Fasting Insulin (i believe
    very low 16.7 pmol/L). One test my Testosterone was below range, another 3 weeks later it was in the middle of the range, I am confident this is not the cause, and it fluctuates according to my feeling. DHEA Sulphate just slightly above the range.

  20. I am taking zinc picolinate 22 mg per day.. I have a bad anxiety .. how much should I take pls?

  21. Its making sense! Zinc supplements here i go.

    I have ADD.

  22. I have multiple Chronic conditions such as Hypothyroidism, sinusitis and oral pain and no taste or smell and Anxiety is disabling me. I can feel strange like a cold panic sensation and it affects my digestion upset and is so overwhelming I can't think.

  23. When you first take it can it trigger your depression or anxiety?

  24. When I swirled zinc in my mouth, it was zinc sulphate but it also had copper in it so maybe I did it wrong. When I had it in my mouth it was bitter and dried my mouth and disgusting, I had an immediate bad reaction to the taste, wanted to spit it out immediately. I have dents in my nails, I have a white spot on my one nail now, whichi is very recent a few days after I got sick from eating gluten (Last endoscopy 5 months ago showed no celiac though) But doctors say I am sensitive to gluten. I am always sick and have a very low tolerance for pain, always in some kind of pain

  25. Hi Dr Janelle, Thanks so much for the great information. I just wanted to query whether taking zinc supplements is ok for breastfeeding Mums? The NOW foods supplement says not to, what do you think? Thank you.

  26. can too much zinc cause copper deficiency? i hope you can do a video about copper? i like your videos and how you explaining it its very easy to understand 🙂 im from sweden and my english is mayby not the best?

  27. I started taking it after I found out I have low thyroid function . But my supplement is only 150mg and I always do feel slightly nauseas after taking it :/

  28. Just some thoughts. I do hair mineral balancing. I use a hair sample that tests for your mineral balance and then determine a program for you. That said quite often when you have low zinc you may have high copper also women who have high copper are at risk for cysts and cancer. Just some information

  29. Currently suffering frome test and smell disorder and anxiety please help me.

  30. Hi, I’m new to your channel. I am currently taking iron pills. 65mg Iron pills. I take it every night around 8 pm. If I take it zinc what time of the day should I take the zinc. Should I take it in the morning? Would it still react with the iron pills? And would zinc 25 mg stop copper production?

  31. I would love if you covered PMS, PMDD, PCOS and hormonal imbalance. Currently suffering from severe PMDD. After hours of personal research i am taking Zinc, Magnesium, B- Complex, Calcium D Glucarate, DIM, Vitamin D3 & K2 Milk Thistle and Dandelion for my liver, Probiotics, using Tumeric in my foods, AND 5 HTP. I'm doing my best with fiber and healthier foods but binge eating has been a struggle.

    . Anyways… my symptoms is that when my period finally arises… I feel 90% normal. Depression, Social anxiety, Memory Loss, Brain Fog, Fatigue, Dizziness, Naseau etc are all present and get extremely worse until my period. Once my period hits.. a lot of it vanishes.

    Help 🙁 I haven;t worked in over a year because of my condition. 🙁

  32. i like your accent doc ! zinc helps in men fertility i think or hair loss which is testosterone in general

  33. Great info thanks, Dr Janelle!

  34. Really interesting,wasn't aware of zincs impact or deficits. We've (as a family) just thought those white finger nail dots were random things ! I'm off to check the checklist, will be chasing a supplement for my son as I think it will help a lot with various issues. Thanks again Janelle,have a glorious day whatever you are doing.

  35. Hi Dr. Janelle,
    Do you recommend using Zinc or is it best only on it's very own? I take in in a combined supplement with magnesium an calcium.
    Thank you so much for this amazing information. Just subscribed 🙂

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